Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Suave Professionals Sleek Anti-Frizz Creme


The last of my Suave shopping spree! This was intriguing enough, so meh, i bought it.  I personally have never tried the actual MAtrix haircare line, but a few friends swear by Suave's dupes =D

This is the company's Description:

This lightweight cream, containing silk protein and vitamin E, helps smooth hair for an all day frizz-free look.

Stylist Recommendation: This is an excellent surface finisher on dry hair to create shine. Rub a pea size amount between finger tips. Apply at ends of hair where it is the driest and you want to smooth frizz or add shine. Smooth remaining amount over the top surface of hair to tame flyaways.

I have yet to try this one...i will tomorrow when i style my hair, however, my mom has.  She has wavy hair but it is a little damaged and dry, so this claims to help with that as well.  what i have noticed is that her ends look healthier and shiny, and her blow dry job comes out better.  she stays away for using too much at the roots because she also has thin har.

I will keep you posted on how this speeds up/improves my styling time and conditions...Have you tried it??


  1. never tried it but really want to see what you think about it !!!

    thanks for the bday wishes doll !!!

  2. I have never tried this product before, but i would really like to see a review on this :)

    Xoxo Christine

  3. i havent tried this but looking forward for the review :)