Friday, March 11, 2011

New Suave Professionals Vibrant Shine Spray

Hello...yet another new Suave product lol.  Honestly, i picked this one up because of the pretty sparkly product inside =D

The Promise:
This finishing shine spray adds brilliance to hair with silk amino acids and light-reflective mineral bursts.

Stylist Recommendation: Use as the last step to finish your style. Shake to activate the mineral bursts. Hold 6 inches from hair and lightly mist throughout surface or where extra shine is desired. Spray sparingly on fine textured hair. Spray more liberally on medium texture or wavy hair that is frizz prone.

So, the way i interpret this product is that it is a restorative-type hair treatment.  The mineral particles they are speaking about are tiny little silver spakles, it looks so pretty when shaken lol!

I did try this one and i also like it.  I did not get an 'oily' finish at all, and my haid did feel softer and looked shinier, but a healthy shine, not a silicon-y shine.   I did however, prayed sparingly, as we should with any shine spray.

I will keep on testing this longer, but so far i have been impressed with Suave's new line of products, something i could not claim in the makes me want to try their if they dupe JOICO K-Pak 's entire line....i will be all over them lol!

Have you tried any new Suave? Im kind of happy because when it comes to makeup and hair, i rather invest extra $$ for a quality product than waste it on disappointment after disappointment!

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