Monday, February 14, 2011

Wonder Woman Swatches

Hello ladies!

I just got around posting these MAC WW pics lol! Well hope every one has a wonderful Valentine's Day!!  I personally do not really celebrate and child are always in the way lol, pathetic, i know, but most of the time im super swamped with school work and also, my daughter is such a hyper child that i dare not go to dinner with her lol!

Here are the pics from my tiny MAC WW Haul:

Lipstick in Marquise D'

this is a nude color that can easily be paired with everything.

This lipstick color was a surrise for me! the online swatch looked way darker, and honestly, it is a very pinky/beigy nude, and the onlice swatch is way off! Dont get me wrong, the color is gogeous, but i have so many nudes that i just wanted something darker...on a happier note, i did swatch ALL my nudes and nothing was that close to this.  This one has pink and beige undertones and some gold subtle sparkles!

MSF in Pink Power?? (dont rememmber name and too laxy to look lol)
This one is soooooo nice. I love it.  I had not idea these were gonna be 3-in-1, so when i received it i was so happy! i can use it as a bronzer, highlighter and blush!
Lighter (top), Middle, Pink (bottom).  The top swatch is all 3 mixed.
The light top swatched is a mix of the 3 colors.  surprisingly, they are very sheer and work well together.  I niticed that even though it looks too 'frosty' it really is not.  I can honelty say that the 'glow' you get from this is rather subtle, to the point that this can have a 4th function: finishing powder.  Of course this can be layered to achieve a more pigmented tone, however, i love its simplicity, very fool proof for on the go!

Here i used it on the cheek bone as a highlight, and all 3 swirled together as a blush.  i did swirl a couple of be extreme lol i wanted pigment =D  It seriously gives a nice glow, as most 'frosty' MSFs (that i have experienced.  my MAC stash is super low, im a newbie to the brand).
The lipcolor is the WW one, but i was unable to get a decent picture of it on my lips....ugh, i need a good camera....really want a Nikon lol =D

well, what else can i rave about.  i did spend a little too much on these 2 products, however, i love the MSFs because they are the only MAC items that have not broken me oout in Cystic acne at all. and i love their versatility.  as far as the lipcolor, well i love it, but had i known it was a pinky.beigy nude, i probably would have skipped it and gotten something else from the collection...just cos i have too many nudes...but uh, nope, i will not pass it on to my mom or sister, i will KEEP this lol!

Thanks for taking time to read my rambles....have a super fun V-Day and i cannot wait to see all the cool stull you guys will get today =D


  1. Wow that is a nice glow it gives you. I must go to a MAC and check out the collection since online swatchces can be deceiving I agree with you.

  2. Ooohh! Nice! for a moment i wanted pink power but for 36 dollars? eeekkk! I can't wait to get my WW stuff!