Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Lippies and Bookbag =D


I have been on a lipgloss/lipstick shopping craze lately o.O idk why but i just want to build my lipstick collection, and no, they dont have to be all MAC lol! Here are a couple I fell for from MAC while i was placing my WW order. They are so pretty, especially Pink Nouveau!

TOP: Powerful
BOTTOM:  Pink Nouveau

I needed a huge bookbag and this is perfect.  i just jazzed it up with a
huge strawberry and a was just to plain on its own...
...its a little childish but hey, i can fit soooo much junk here...
and the best part is that i paid $10 for it, yay!

So my child was screamming so loudly...sayinh Hi to you all =D
Dang i look fat lol!

i am not a huge fan of glittery/sparkly/pearly lipsticks but Powerful is not the ttypical pearl finish lipcolor.  it is sort of copperish and has lots of gold undertones to it, definitely a pretty shade.  Pink Nouveau is my favorite.  It is almost a fuschia color but not as loud.  Reminds me a little bit of MACs LAdy Gaga and the Nikki Minaj color....its pretty though!

Thats all i have for now lol....i will be posting more lipcolors telling you, i think buying lipsticks is helping me deal with physics lol....i like that type of therapy!


  1. These are lovely colours!

    About Ahava, their make up is amazing! I'll be posting before and after pictures within a couple of weeks!

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