Friday, February 11, 2011

Colow Icon Palette: Petal Pusher!!!

Hello...yes, another new wnw palette! I seriously drove around to several Walgreens untill i found them all lol! This one is Petal Pusher, one side has purple/lilacs and the other has neurtral browns...odd!  Here are pix and swatches:

That bottom right is a deep brown but you can see green-ish

Both pix are without any primer or foundation as base!
Very pigmented as well.

I wore the lavender shades today...way more toned down
than yesterday! I bet my classmates were relieved lol

Close up! Again, i used their "Definer" as liner even though the crease color
is deeper/darker, but oddly enough, it worked out great!

Ususally, with the wnw color icon palettes, i tend to follow 'instructions' provided every time for the first use, there after, i almost never use them in the same coordiantion again!  So these look is following their recommendations printed on the shadows themselves.  I was too lazy to use eyeliner on the bottom lol.

I will try the other side soon lol. I have so many things to play with and sooooo little time =D


  1. Thats pretty i love the way you did your eyes. I have way too many shadows and i just ordered some from elf otherwise i would too be driving around to find this.

  2. Wowww the shades looks gorgeous and really pigmented!!!

  3. great palette :) the shades are just lovely. Thanks for sharing a beautiful look with it :)

  4. Wow, all of the shades look so pigmented! Nice buy!