Monday, February 14, 2011

Wet n Wild-Petal Pusher side 2


This is my secind eye look using the right side of the 8pc Wwt n Wild Palette in Petal Pusher.  I know there are tons of these elsewhere, but i just wanted to post these too! I used the right side only plus UDPP.  I dont see the point od using a ton of other colors beside the palette.  I think it beats the purpose, well in my opinion.  If im gonna take this one with me, i wanna make sure this is all i need and not 10 other colors lol.

This is so simple! i even forgot to use the 'definer' as liner today.  I was goona be out and about shopping with my child lol so i hurried this up =D  Also skipped falsies, waterline etc.
i even forgot to highlight my inner tearduct...and i dont think it looks bad.  i like the fact that if this is all i have, im set!!!!!

Ugh, eeww crappy pic! i looed a little better than this lol. but hey, i dont always look all gorgeous lol

just reminders of the swatches.  i noticed they photographed kind of brown, and actually, they are more muple than brown lol.  The 'eyelid' color here looks goldish but is its a plummy purple.  the highlight is a pale pink...frosty but suble, and the crease is a black/greyish purple. same with the definer, although more balck.  weird how a picture can distort the colors so much =/

ok, that is it. i also found the other 2 palettes and was sooooo, soooooo, sooooo happy! i actually bought them and another palette from each color for my momma.  i see similarities on the other palettes to the previous ones, however, there are noticeable differences.  I will be posting that soon =D

Thanks for stopping by =D


  1. ohh lovely..i love this palette...purple shade looks pretty on your it.

  2. I like it and love that you can do a simple look and put tog ether. To be honest I dont spend much time on my makeup because I have so much