Monday, February 21, 2011

wnw Comfort Zone 8pc palette

Hello ladies. I almost forgot to post pictures of the neutral WnW palette...Comfort Zone!  This is my favorite of the 3 because it is the most wearavble and the shades are oh so lovely.  it looks like an expenssive set of shades when swatched lol!

Brown side: the highlight is a soft ivory shimmer. very lovely. the lid color is a taupe with pink/peach undertones. the crese is a neutral dark bronzey brown and the definer is a gorgeous, super pigmented deep chocolate brown with red tiny sparkles...very pretty.

Greens: highlight is almost like a soft pewter green. crease color is a mix of lime/earthy green, but soft ans wearable. the crease color is very pigmented and is a mix of green but has tons of brown undertones and the microsparkles are gold. the definer is my favorite, i was so stunned by it, so is a dark warm brown reflects turquoise. omg its is heavenly!

Here is another thing...i found a dupe to MAC's Melon pigment!!!!!!!! The brown side's crease color is very close to Melon. Not when initially swatched, as Melon is more orangey and less pigmented and more shimmery ut when slightly blended, omg i can hardly tell lol! Also, i think there is another Dupe to MAC here but i cannot recall which one it is, as i do not own that color.

I am wearing one of their lipsticks, which is surprisingly long lasting and good quality ofr $.99! I was expecting the worst and i ended up going back and picked up every color lol!
here im also wearing their new Color Icon eyeliner.  here is the swatch:

If you are not going to haul these, at least try Comfort Zone. Its classy, elegant and sophisticated...with this palette, or palettes for that matter, there is no reason to not have perfectly made up eyes...whether intense or soft qqith a quick wash of color!!!!!!!

so what do you think? did you try these? i really do not have any complaints.  yes, most/all wnw shadows are powdery and could potentially break easily and have lots of fallout but they are so worth it!  btw, I accidentally broke one of the Color icon single shadows right, and before i threw it away, it occured to me to press it with my pigment pressing medium (but used more alcohol than medium, since pressed shadows already have a binder) and change it to a 26mm pan and voila! the shadow id as good as new, in a palette with others that coordinate it and no longer powdery, which means no more fallout!!!!!! it was instantly fixed to a creamy powder (if that makes sense) and did not lose its pigmentation!!!!!!  so if you adore a wnw shade that is just too powdery, by all means press it or spary with alsohol to fix that problem =D


  1. Have to agree with you the pallettes I have gotten from wnw are very pigmented and the color payoff is amazing for the price u pay.

  2. im surprised i havent picked this up for myself yet! the colors are soooooooo pigmented!

  3. love the colors on you! you look great!

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