Sunday, February 20, 2011

NOTD- OPI Shattered Polish

Hello ladies!

i have had this polish for a while now stashed in my nain polish drawer.  I sis wear it 2 weeks straight, then my nails began acting up ( they do act up when im under does my hair) and i just wuit polishing them lol!
I looked for this polish everywhere and they were always sold out.  one day i waked into a nail supply store next to my local Asian grocey store, just to browse around and kill time and omg there it was! I was  under the impression that they sold to licensed techs only, but they do sell to the publick, but no i paid $7 for this Opi shattered polish!
The first 2 weeks i wore it with a med pink super glitter-packed  nail polish i made! the glitter looks like pink diamonds no joke....(glitter from a craft store mixed into clear polish).  the pink "diamonds' peeked around the black shatters and looked sooooooooooooo pretty.  this week i tried with another old OPI polish, a creamy, white flat lpink with lavender tones.  i like the results and got so many compliments =D
oh, please excuse the ugly, dry, yucky, gross hands and cuticles, but i just got done cleaning the kitchen, and i cannot wear gloves when i clean. simply cant. bleach does horrible things to your hands. sorry, i just wanted to show you ladies the result/color =/

this ugly dryness caused my bleach and soap will be fixec using my trusty and soothing Manicure-in a Jar
this result is achieved using a regular semi loaded coat.
this ugliness is achieved using a thin coat of the polish.  it "shatters" more, but IMO, it looks ugly. I like the thick chunks of cracks on my nails lol. this just looks ugly, but i wanted to try it and was too tired to remove it.  I also used Seche Vite top coat to give it 'life,' as this Shatter polish dries to a matte black that looks a little ugly!

overall, i like this polish and i think is super fun.  even though i am older, i still like the punk rock-ish styles lol, so this has been heaven sent for me!  now i just need to have my nails grow back and i will be set lol.  did you guys pick this up?  I honestly did not mind paying $7 for it, and trust me, i dont easily shed that for a polish....unless is my dear HG Seche Vite!


  1. I been wanting to try this but I kinda want to try the china glaze one. I saw temptalia do a review on it and I fell in love with the yellow/black convo! IT looks great on you!

  2. I remember when I graduated high schools years ago, and I didn't like it much because it only works over specific polishes. It also didn't seem to last for me on manicures, but it's funny seeing it make a come back. Not my fave, but I see why some like it!! :)

  3. I've been looking everywhere with no luck for this nail polish. Everytime I go to Sally s or any store hey are out of the black shade.