Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Manicure-in-a-Jar...Homemade =D


So how's the week going? Mine is going too starts again on Tuesday, and i am not too happy
=(  I did graduate lol, but i need Chemistry and Physics in order to take the MCAT's in May and apply to Med School!

With this crazy winter wheather here in AZ (hot, cold, warm, freezing...all in a week!) my skin was getting too dry, which is not a normal thing to do.  Well my Body Butter from Lucretia has been performing miracles for my skin, especially my feet =)  But for some reason, my hads were still dry, itchy, weird.  Although my Body Butter works wonders on my hands, i do a lot of cleaning (use lots of gloves!) and use lots of water so i guess my hands finally gave in.  I would have never thought of using a hand cream/lotion/butter...ever!

While i was digging through some old notes for natual skincare, i stumbled across this homemade Manicure-in-a-jar" type thing.  Ok, this is nothing fancy, it is not my recipe, i have no idea where i found it or when, and i am sure there are tons and tons of videos with similar things but hey, at least i can add my own essential oils and make my own lol!

My Own Jar!
I buy these at a Craft store(Hobby Lobby, Michaels)

Use on dry clean hands as a 'scrub'  massage it all over
concentrating on dry spots and cuticles.
Rinse.  DO NOT re-wash with soap! it may feel sort of oily,
but when you dry them, omg you will be sooo happy =D
See? It loos so bright, clean, moist, and hydrated!

My bare fingernails and hands.  And even after it i can still see some dry areas on my cuticles
but this is before i ended my 'manicure' with body butter =D

That is all there is to it.  I make mine pretty simple and use good quaity essential oils, all because i use this on my face if its too dry (but that hasnt beenthe case lately) and as a lip scrub/ I keep the 'falvor' or scent simple and edible lol....just honey and maybe, just maybe, natural pure vanilla extract.....but lavender is my favorite.

In case you are all interested at all, here is what  i mixed:

1.   1/2 cup raw, organic, sugar crystals (regular sugar works too, just adjust the oil)
2.   1/2 cup of oil: Either Olive oil, Jojoba, or Grape seed oil...or a combo of all or a couple.
3.   1 Tb of natural, organic Honey
4.   Essential oils, or exctracts, or fragance of your choice

*Mix well and place in a pretty glass jar.  Adjust the oil consistency to your liking.  I like mine a little runny, so when i use it i just have to stir it up (oil settles on top) and it is easier to scoop up.  If i want this for a body scrub, then i make it less runny, more on the 'dry' side so it is easier to handle in the shower!


  1. Very interesting! I wanna try that. Thanks for this information...followed! :)

  2. Nice! I love home made goodies like this! Thanks for sharing doll! xo

  3. Love this. We made sugar or salt scrubs/glows in beauty school for our body, feet, and hand treatments.