Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Primer-Hard Candy Sheer Envy

I was strolling through Walmart and I stumbled upon Hard Candy!  I have read and viewed mixed reviews on this line, and honestly i have never purchased anything from them before.

I don't know about you, but i am always looking for that PERFECT primer lol! I have oily skin and sort of sensitive...dang as i get older, i get more skin issues =/

I have tried Smashbox, Philosophy, and others that i dont even remember.  Philosophy works good, i get way less oily with it, but i must say, it is not perfect.  Oil control is good, but it feels more like a gel than a primer, meaning that i dont get that primed 'canvas' that is supposed to be super smooth for makeup, also, it lasts about the same as other primers.

The Consistency is not a silicone-like feel
it is very velvety though and goes on smoothly and
sets quickly.
 I swatched a couple pigments on top of it!
They went on smoothly and appeared very vibrant =D

 This is what my oily face looked like after about 4 hours.
i didnt blot or powdered my face at all....actually
i never do =/ 
This is at the end of the day.  I'd say about 11pm. Still, i did not use 
blotting paper or powder ot touch ups. 

OMG i cant believe i just posted my gigantic crater like pores on the net lol.  But hey, for the sake of sharing info, i guess i dont mind.
**One thing i want to mention is that the above pictures are using Mineral powdered foundation and a little concealer on my huge and ugly pimples**

**Ihave tried it with the MUFE Matt Velvet Foundation and it worked better as far as oil production.  nothing major, just a tiny bit less oil at the end of the night.

The Good:

Overall, this primer seems to be similar to the other pricier brands.  I actually experienced way less oil with this one than with the Smashbox.  The Philosophy makes me a little bit mpre matte but it does not make my foundation look as smooth as this one. 

This can be compared to the ELF Mineral Prinmer. Similar consistency and effects on me.  I like both of them, but i rather have the Hard Candy because of packaging and accessibilty.

So, in my honest opinion, this is a good primer for its price.  I also  like the ELF, so i would chose either one, however, ELF is online for me and this is at Walmart.  I did read reviws on this one and a Youtube guru actually compared this to the Hourglass primer, which shocked me @_@ (guru was Ginabinawina99).  She did mention that sthis is brightening and suitable for dry to normal skin, so i knew this was not going to be a HG primer.  Oh, and a PEA sized dollop seriously covers the entire face and jaw. all for $8!

So i guess untill i get completely impressed by another brand..i will stick to ELF or this one.  I like Philosophy a lot, but i dont get a WOW effect anf it is $20, so i can just get an $8 and use the remaining $12 for a lipgloss or something lol.

If you have oily skin and have a perfect primer, please do tell.  please, so i can run ans get it cos i hate my oily skin lol!


  1. I always been curious for Hard Candy but the display in the walmart i go to it is such a mess :(. I don't even want to go look at it cause it so disorganized and nothing is ever in stock or things are broken. I hardly use primers though only on special occasion (elf one) (im lazy to do so) I have dry skin, I wish I knew of something for oily skin. Great review and I like the way you went in depth with your review that why I love reading your post! :)

  2. @vIoOo...AWW thanks you are so sweet. same here, my walmart is a disaster, but luckily i found this one intact. I always use ELF or PHilosophy...well most of the time lol

  3. Wow thx for the review Arana, I will def have to check this out, I am obsessed with things that keep your eye,lip and face makeup on all day. lol. And you cant beat that price.

  4. very nice review Aranza and very honest too...I'll definitely check it out , my sister in USA now so it'll be possible now. thanks.