Saturday, January 15, 2011

Revlon Mousse Foundation: Clearance @ walgreens


While browsing around at Walgreens for band-aids, I decided to hit the makeup aisle. I always, always do. Even if i do not intend to buy any makeup (i grab stuff anyway lol).  The were having a good sale on Wet n Wild at 50% off, so i picked up a couple of the new eyeshadow trios (later post), a CoverGirl True mineral bronzer, and this Foundation!

Some of the Revlon cosmetics were on clearance.  I was shocked, but decided to see if there was anything left.  All that was left were a coule tubes of this foundation, one in a deep shade and the one i picked up was in "Light/Medium"

The Good:

*  IT does feel like a mousse, it reminds me of Maybelline Mouse foundation...very very lightweight
*  Non-oily at all. seriously.
*  Impressive coverage.  I was expecting this to be more of a sheer tinted moisturizer.
*  Blends smoothly
*  Has SPF, and dries to a matte finish...i still set it with powder though.
*  It DID stay on all day.  I would say 8 hrs.

The Bad:

*  This shade was a tad too dark.orangey, but belnded out correctly it worked out.  I am an NC15...although i disagree with MAC, however, NC15 does work on me lol.  ( id say im NC 20 maybe?)
* It dries/sets quick, so you must work fast, or work in sections.

Overall, I liked this foundation.  I did get great coverage, but still set it with MSF just because i am too oily.  It did not slide off my face at allm not even when my kid touched my face a few times!

Also, to my huge surprise, my face still looked ok., no excess oil even though its been more than 8 hrs since i first applied it...and nope, i am not one of the girls that blot constantly at all...i usually dont have time, and now that i do, i guess i just forget lol.

I dont know the retail price, i never even bothered to look at it at the store, but i guess it should be around $11.  I got this for a shocking $3.75!!!!!!!!  but i did love the light weight, it feels as if i had no makeup on.  I would definitely buy this again, perhaps in a ligther shade, but frst i must see how fast  i finish the tube...then i will decide!

I have a few more items to post, so i will this weekend!


  1. Aww I saw this in their clearance sale as well and wanted to try it but sadly they didn't have my shade left. =(

  2. For some reason I never liked mousse foundation. I tried the Maybelline and could never get it to blend lightly enough for me. I must not have very good technique. It's made me not want to try other mousse foundations.

  3. Aranza I TOTALLY agree with you I bought this 2 weeks ago also on sale and I really like it, and I am a full coverage I wear it on the weekends and it has pretty good coverage better than the physicians formula tinted moisturizers. Great review.