Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Keratosis Pilaris?

Hello ladies.

I wanted to write a quick post today.  School officially starts today lol CHEM and Physisc =(  so i will try to blog and read your blogs every time i have free time! If it were not for my strong desire to go to Medical School....i would not be putting myself to school again, let alone PHysics!

Ok so, i have always suffered from those ugly tiny red bumps on the sides of my arms.  The official term is Keratosis Pilaris.  and it is very common and very ugly looking, but very harmless.  Sometimes people learn to live with it.  I did.  no matter what type of soap or body wash i used i still had it. no moisturizer helped. no prescription ointment helped either.
This is what it looks like!
isnt it a very 'commom' pic?
btw, I SWEAR this is not mine.  i didnt have the courage to post a pic of my nasty arms =(

Well, i am happy to tell you guys that i found the "Cure" for my specific condition.  I have seen major improvement within 2 weeks, and i am so very happy....especially when family members have started telling me that my arms are almost all cleared up!

So what sis i do differently, you may wonder? Well i changed the soap i use.  I saw a vid on soaps made from Goat's milk and a family owned business that makes them.  I trusted the reviewer but i lingered on their website for weeks before i made a purchase.

This is what i did differently:  I replaced my regular soap/bodywash with CreameryCreek soaps, and use Lucretia's Body Butter as a moisturizer daily.  That is all i did, nothing different or time consumimg, and the difference is dramatic.
They are soooo soothing!

The Good:

1.  This soaps are not too pricey, they are $5 a pop, regardless of the 'flavor'
2.  They are rather large in comparison to other handcrafted soaps 6-7 oz bar!
3.  The all smell heavenly.  no goat smells here ( i hate goat meat, milk, cheese and their smell)
4   OMG THESE REALLY CLEAN YOUR SKIN! No greasy feelling or coating wuth these
5.  No GLYCERIN added.  Cold-processind adds a small amount of natural glycerin, but trust me, not enough for you to feel it......or else it would not clean, rather it would coat your skin and trap oils and germs...yuck!
6.  These last a long time...ok if you use a dish soap...or else it melts like all soaps.

I cannot stress it enough on how well these clean.  i have not had a complaint from my bf...and he was hesitant lol.  i also know they clean....know what i mean, we just know lol!!!!!

so, this soap and the shea butter bosy butter from Lucretia has saved my skin, my bfs and mydaughters skin...she has suffered from ugly dry skin for a long time.  and even Rx for Eczema does not help....but this does.

Another benefit from using good for you stuff is their benefits.  my baby loves baths and bubbles.  Well lucretia makes kids-size bath bombs in many scents and with extra scoop of shea butter and bubbles.  so my daughter is extra moisturized, and still thinks she is getting the "fun" bubbles and stuff1

Thats all i have for today.  I know i go on and on and rave too much about things, but i get too excited when something is working and its all natural and inexpensive....i have been looking up healthier options etc, and omg i found a few alarming articles on the effects of food colorings on children @_@  off topic, i know, but it was alarming and i just had to spit that out!


  1. I am happy it worked for you :) the soap and the body butter sounds very promising :)

  2. Excellent! Glad to hear positive things! You make me want to try it :)

  3. I'm going to check these out! Thanks girly

  4. I have it too! :( on my legs too but not as bad as my arms. Ugh, it's so frustrating to have, and the worst part is, I didn't get it till I was in middle school which is probably the WORST school age to have flaws! D":
    It's strange though, because when I went to TX and Florida, it went away! Then when I came back home to NM, it came back. It must have something to do with the humidity and moisture. Dang it! :(
    Thanks for these tips though :)

  5. This is great news! I have chicken skin as well.
    It can be embarassing, but I've learned to just live w/ it. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Can't say I'm surprised by the effect the products are having. It seems anything that's more natural/organic is a lot better for our skin. I'm glad you posted this review/skin care routine in case anyone I know also has this - I'll have a good recommendation to suggest to them.