Thursday, January 20, 2011

FOTD- Skin Update


This is a quick post on my skincare routine/acne update.  I previously told you guys that i had broken out like crazy =/  I have been taking good care of my skin and omg i have used a ton of things lol.  My face has cleared up a lot.  I used a variety of products.  I used some stuff from the Avon line (mixed/matched) with Glycolic acid and Triclosan (face lotion and wash) and as spot treatment i combined salicilic acid toner in the a.m, witch hazel in the a.m. and benzoyl peroxide in the pm and aloe vera gel as moisturizer.

I am happy to say that i have seen improvement.  I researched a lot and found out that at my age glycolic acid plus other stuff works better on acne.  Anyway, i will later post pics of all the stuff i loaded up on and my thoughts (there are some good stuff in there), and a clear powder that is also supposed to hel with acne (has antibacterial agent).

Here is a picture using just Everyday Minerals powder foundation in a mix of finishes: Original glow and semi matte.  Original is sheer glowy and semi matte is a med to full coverage.  I used about a couple of light layers and that is it =D

Ehy oh why did i forget my sunglasses that day? lol  It is sooo sunny and rather warm here in AZ its ridiculous. you seriously need sunglasses to drive....or else you will squint like me =/  plus i was sooooo sleepy and tired...and not happy because it was the forst day og CHEM and PHYSICS =(

If anyone wonders..i used one of the ELF palette book thingies. I never tried elf shadows and i found that kit for $4 so i bought it.  Not bad for a cheapie kit.  the shadows are ok, not the most pigmented but way better than some drugstore stuff =)  oh, nd that is a light layer of my MAC viva Glam Cyndi....i think i broke a rule by not using a light eye or classic winged black liner with reddish lips.  i was in the mood of looking different than all the girls in class wearing super nude gloss =D


  1. Your skin looks great very nice and clear, everything you have done has been well worth it. And its good to be different with any aspect and love your lipstick.

  2. U rocked those red lips girl !!! I like elf too never tried there eyeshadow !!!
    Always nice to come by you
    Age nice new layout by the way ;)