Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blue Had Me At Hello!!

Hello ladies!

Here is the last of the 3 new palettes from the new Wet n Wild Color Icon Collection...I did notice the similarity between the last 6pc palette and this new one, however, the new 8pc is by far more pigmented and prettier.  Let's take a look...

These are swatched without any primer or foundation....
see the pigmentation and the pretty colors?! =D

This picture is a comparison of this new one and the previous palette. the Left side
is the new 8pc shades and the Right side the old palette.  The new one does not have any matte shades, as opposed to the old palette.  The swatches are just a few of the ones that appeared to be more 'identical' but when swatched, the slight differences can be noticed...color and pigmentation!

if i had to choose, i would definitely go for the new 8pc palette. The new colors seem to be different, more pigmented and just plain prettier.  They are not ugly 80-ish blues at all and the shimmer is not too dico-ish at all!

I have yet to wear this shades lol.  I did not go anywhere at all this weekend, seriously, i dont think i saw the sunlight at all =/ i was studying for an exam i have today and since i was home all day i was too lazy to bother with makeup, however, i intend to wear these as soon as that dard exam is done and over with....and i will post pictures of the end result!!


  1. Hope your exam goes well , your ri on these colors. There so pretty love blue eye shadows

    And about h&m your crazy you can fit in there clothes that is a size 12 and it fit perfect you have try it again

  2. I so need to go to pick these up I am loving these shades. Oh btw chica I am not sure but alot of the girls are telling me they are not seeing my posts so will be trying to fix that today.