Wednesday, February 23, 2011

China Glaze "Crackle" Polishes


I went to my local nail supply store in hopes of finding one of those acryilic wall rack for all my know, like the ones they have at nail salons?  Well i did find it, and way cheaper than Ebay...60 polish rack for $20.  Maybe i got ripped off, but Ebay had it going for $39!
Not wanting to buy anything else, there they were right by the counter, where i had no choice but to stop there to pay for my items!

The shocking price was the $3.25 price tag!!!!! Say what!!?? $3.25 for China Glaze Crackle polish??!!! WEll too good to be true indeed, as that price was for licenced technicians, and my mom was not with me (she is a nail tech, however, she went through all that just to do her own nails. no joke, she wont work as a tech O.O).  Well i had to settle for retail, which was $5 each.   still not too bad, considering that i have paif about $8.50 for either ChinaGlaze or OPI before, so the $5 was a deal to me anyway!

Here are the ones i picked up.  I was not convinnced by the Gray color, as i did not like the swatch they had...and i skipped blacl because i already own OPI Shatter!

i cant wait to re-do my nails lol. I just did them about 3 days ago using OPI Shatter, and since i had a crapton of homework and studying i decided to wait a little =/  I will be using one of these colors i will post the finished nails when they are done.  In the mean time, i get to stare at these babies untill i work up the strength and patience to take off the polish i have!

Have you picked these u yet??  Im not sure of what the retail price tag is, but hopefully you all dont have to shell out more than the $5 i did!

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  1. I really like these I have to pick some up , show some pictures of your nails !!!