Thursday, February 24, 2011

NYX- Nude on Nude Palette

I was browsingon the NYX website looking for those matte lipcolors they have had out for a while.  Not like i need more lipcolors but i have been wanting them as an alternative to OCC Lip Tars.  As i was roaming around, i bumped into the new NYX nude-on-nude palette!!! What??!! it looks just like the coveted UD Naked palette, i mean  look at the packaging, it is very clear that they are dupping UD!

It looks prmising, and the price tag is nearly half of that UD Naked palette.  At $25 a palette, it is more affordable than the $48 for UD...Well to those of us who just cannot justify (yet lol) the reason to pay $48 for nude shadows!

Take a look at their link and see for your self!  Have you tried this palette at all?  As weird as it sounds, i have NO Nyx makeup at all. none! So i do not know how NYX holds up, pigmentation, etc....please do share your experiences!

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  1. wow, that palette looks really promising!! I haven't tried any NYX cosmetics either =x if you do purchase it, it'd be awesome if you could review it because I'd love an affordable neutral palette