Thursday, February 24, 2011

I need your opinion...please!!!

Hi =D

ok so i need an honest opinion from all of you ladies please....
......i have been staying up way too late, even later than my last semester as an undergrad and it is catching up to me.  I just think days are soooo short! Mainly is because im taking CHEM and PHY and both are intense and the labs are excruciatingly long and a little challenging, ugh!

so my under eyes look crappy. i have dark circles and my eyes look dull, not bright like before. I was actually able to go without undereye concealer.....untill now, and it is bumming me out =(  concealing is not really helping because since im very exhausted, it looks worse no matter how much or little i apply.  the solution is taking a nap from now until my Bday (3/23) straight with no interruptions at all, just a month long nap but that is not possible...heck, i have to even 'work in' a shower!

So, aside from eye creams and masks, which i have, i have been contemplating the idea of an "eye brightening/concealer" better known as YSL Touche Eclat!

Ive read mixed reviews on it and im not sure it its worth the $40 price tag at all,, if you have it or have used it, do u recommend it at all? what is your experience/opinion?  i just do not want to spent $40 on a tiny concealing pen but if its worth it hey, i sure will. thanks in advance and any help/tips are so very much needed and appreciated!


  1. I use Benefit Boi-Ing and then appya small dab og Benefit Eye Bright and that really conceals darkness and brightens it up. I have not tried the YSL concelear.

  2. you should ask for a sample! and if they don't offer it... you should keep the receipt so you can return it after if you dont like it haha :)

  3. I use Revlon Colorstay concealer and it does lighten spots. So how about giving it a try?

  4. MUFE has a all over foundation that looks like a concealer (its a tube) and i tried it on yesterday and it is super thick very full coverage, now i suggest using it for your under eyes. I am pretty sure it will cover the dark circles. Go to Sephora and try out the sampler. It is right next to the actual tube concealer (that one i didn't test) or you can buy the YSL and return it if it doesn't work out. Good luck with school :)

  5. I guest post at Confessions of a Beautyholic - just did one on under eye circles.