Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Eyeshadows

Whuuzzz up!

ok that sounded a little ghetto but i just felt like saying that =D  These are a couple of shadows i bought during the CVS semiannual sale.  Everything was ridiculous cheap, and i got lots of stuff, but most of it went straight to my mom, not because i hated it, but because she liked a few things, so i gave them all up...even some MAC =/

New WnW trio palletee in "Silent Treatment"  and Sally Hansen trio from their "natural" line.
just to mention...this are swatched under a sheer layer of sheer foundaiton!
i dont thint it made a difference though.

i have also read rave reviews about the new wnw color icon collection.  it is so darn hard to find them here, idk why.  I saw these at Walgreens about 1 month ago and never have i seen them since.  They were sold out of most, so i got this one and the Retro one.  I must admit one thing.  although these are pigmented and all, i felt cheated.  I though this combo was pink, taupe and a gorgeous shade of brown.  even when swatched the brown looks brown.  Whenever i wear this though, it looks gray on me.  it looks as if i has a matte/satin gray and beige shadow.  not my favorite.  I wish it looked that gorgeous brown...and that pink is too pale and not pigmented enough.  The Taupe is nice, looks like that 'nutty??'shade they have. 

The Sally Hansen is more matte and surprisingly very pigmented.  I tend to like shimmery colors, but i couldnt pass this on.  One flaw, for me anyway is their undertone.  my eyes look super tired when i wear these colors.  unless i save the look with black, no way can i pull this off =/ needless to say, into my daughters "treasure box" (makeup train case) it goes!

Any of you tried all the wnw new shades at all?  I read somewhere that they were coming uo with bigger palettes, 8-pan i think....


  1. Interesting, you know what I didnt even know Sally Hnasen had Im a dork.

  2. very pretty shades you have bought dear. I love purple in every shades. give your eyes look with them.

  3. Both palettes are soo pretty! I see Sally Hansen has some pretty amazing eyeshadows there as well...need to get them after my project 10 pan...

  4. ooh these look fab!