Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stila 2011 Collection


I have been MIA all week...and really MIA because i have not even used the internet for other than school work =(

While catching up with the beauty world today, i stumbled upon the new Stilla Collection.  Every thing i seen thus far looks so worthy of buying, but i am most interested in their new blush!
This immediately reminded me of the Physicians Formula
Cute heart blush that was recently released.

These palettes also caught my eye.  They look like an upgraded version of their
so popular palettes we all see at Ulta and Sephora!

I am completely cracing that blush! Lately i have been digging blushers way more then before, i guess it is my newly found makeup obsession for the moment.  I did fing the PF Mood Boosting cute blush at Walmart, however, i decided not to purchase it.  Although it was all cute and pretty looking, i just had a feeling it was going to be a disappointment, and for the price tag of $14, I would rather not even risk it.  I do not think $14 is outragelus, but for a drugstore blush it is.

This Stila blush in Make Me Blush has the same price tag and, oh so so much prettier.  Just take a look at the awesome pigment combinations in that compact =P

So, are any of you Stila fans? I have never purchased any Stila, but i have been eyeing their lipgloss pens and this new collection lol


  1. The stila blush looks sp pretty! i think i'd buy one when i see one:-)

  2. I ordered this blush and 2 Stila lipglosses from Sephora that are supposed to be coming in the mail today :)

    I have 4 Stila palettes for cheeks, lips & eyes and they are all amazing quality. Stila is an awesome brand, so you should def treat yourself to some of their goodies. :)

  3. Wow that Stila blush is so cute and yes I though of Physician's Formula as soon as I saw it.

  4. Wow this blush is soo pretty!!! Thanks for sharing:)

  5. I agree with the above. That blush is absolutely adorable so much so I'd not want to use it because then it wouldn't keep the cuteness.

  6. Thanks ladies. @Leslie: I will definitely try some Stila makeuop ;)

    @"E" Girl: That is exactly what i was thinking about lol. I would be too concerned in using it all up =D