Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fruity FOTD-Color challenge

Hello ladies...

I just wanted to share this quick eye look that i created for a color challenge.  I was limited to 3 colors only.  liner and mascara is allowed.  The color challenge was a pinky/orange/melony, orange and baby pink! I did this on my homework break lol, like in 10 min, so is not the best thing but it was a fun break from chemistry...and a fun callenge to share lol

I thought that flower added to the "tropical-y" theme of the shadows...
Btw, that flower belongs to a pair of blak heels lol!
close enough to tropica/fruity....can u believe i do
not have a single artificial flower at home? no fresh ones either.
no decoration. nothing fun...i seriously need to leave my college style behind and hang a pictiure/ painting or two...for the love of decoration @_@


  1. Pretty! What eyeshadows did u use for the look?


  2. Love the double winged liner!! The color selection is so pretty.

  3. Wow you did a great job and I love the eyeliner with the white in the middle.