Friday, February 18, 2011

MAC Viva Glam


so the new MAC Viva Glam Lady GaGa became easily available today!  Although i like the entire sensual and angelic concept of this new campaign, i am not too excited.   I do not think i will go nuts and run all over trying to find these 2 items.  dont get me wrong, it is a nice pretty beigy neutral shade, but i fell MAC has tons of nudes available, and due to the entrire concept behid the Viva Glam campaign, i was expecting something more Gaga-ish.

I must admit, she looks almost unrecognizable! I like this look on her as well.  I guess she can pull off  everything she tries!  I just adore this eye makeup...i want to try it, except that i am not sure if i have any alternatives to the colors shown
this is just not too attractive for me...but its pretty. I think this color would blend too much with my skintone and make me look line a waxed manequin or a dead corpse @_@ but of course, many will look too gorgeous wearing these colors!

i have been trying to step out of my comfort zone and wear more colorful lips...and this is just not helping me =/  i seriously have a boatload of nudes, but, i am kind of contemplating these lol...even though i dislike it.  ugh, makeup obsession, shoe obsession, purse gonna go broke if i keep it up....but hey, makeup is by far a better addcition than anything least that lipstick and a gloss would last me a long long time me run and buy this and totally love it lol

Have you picked this up yet? if so, please do share the swatch spam =D


  1. I wasn't going to get this until I saw a swatch... I don't remember where. And now I'm tempted. I loooove nudes!

  2. Ohh thanks for the heads up on this! Yes she does look so diff! Loving your blog sweetie! xo -Taj

  3. I went to the MAC counter today and swatched and it is something I would want to get cause with a dark eye it would look fabulous! I was standoffish with it cause it inst gaga like you said and its a nude but since it does go for a good cause I will probably get it. The gloss ill skip