Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shiseido- TISS 2-way Cleansing Oil


Today i wanted to share a quick post about cleansing oils.  I don't think they are that popular here in the US, although i have seen Shu Uemura Cleansing oil at Sephora and I get emails from time to time from DHC.  I first learned about cleansing oil when i begain geting interested in Asian cosmetics and skin care.  I have tried only a couple.  The first one i tried was a sample from DHC, which worked well but i was not impressed.  Then I bought a Kose cleansing oil and that worked great.

The more i learned the more i wanted t try lol!  The next one i tried was both versions of the LANEIGE cleansing oils, but the one for dry skin works way better.  Well here i am with another oil (yea i know lol).  This one i purchased from Sasa for $20, and the much bigger size is ony $23.  It is a little pricey, but its well worth it for a couple of reasons, 1: it really removes long wear and waterproof makeup and mascara effortlessly, 2: it really is ok if your hands are wet, the oil will still work and 3: a little goes a long wa.  I use about 2 pumps for entire face and eyes!

I really like this method of cleansing my skin.  I cannot say this is miraculous even though it claims to clean the oxidized oil in the pores, however, it does help me achieve the cleanest skin before i go to bed.  I use this oil cleanser, then my regular cleanser followed by serums etc.  It is exhausting, but i have tempermental skin that is oily, acne prone, sensitive, adn has humongous pores, so i have to have clean skin.  I also use heavy duty eye makeup and i hate struggling at night when i am tired and all i want to do is crawl into bed!


No matter your hand is dry or not, you can still remove your make-up effectively.

Apart from the deep cleansing performance for heavy makeup, Shiseido Tiss 2 Way Off Oil also removes the oxidized sebum & dead cells deep from your pores effortlessly. Shiseido Tiss 2 Way Off Oil leaves your skin perfectly clean.

how to use it

Pump 4 times to dispense a proper amount onto palm. Apply to face and massage until the makeup is dissolved. Rinse off thoroughly.

country of origin:  Japan      suitable for:  all skin types

Have you ladies tried oil cleansers? or am i the only traumatized woman out there lol?  I honestly think that if Asian skin care routine and products were here in the US, we would all have great skin! Seriously, even POND'S has cool products overseas O.O


  1. Wow I have never tried a cleansing oil. I have an oil based eye makeup remover from YSL but that is it.

  2. I want to try Shiseido, but it's a bit expensive in Spain