Saturday, January 8, 2011

Effective dark-Spot Lightening

Hello ladies!  I am so amazed at the fact that i have had a few things to share almost everyday this week =D  Today i want to tell you about a dark spot/freckle lightening treatment i came across while browsing around on .

BeautyDIY  a-Arbutin Complex (bronw) and Job's Tear & Licorice Water (clear)

a-Arbutin Whitening Complex  was $13.10 for 100ml of liquid, which is to be diluted with another 'water' from the same brand to create a customized effect.  in this case, I mixed it with Job's Tear & licorice Water Brightening Complex , also $13.10 bor a much bigger bottle (i can get 2 dilutions out of this one) to make a skin/spot lightener.

Here is the description found on sasa:
description:  Beauty Diy α-Arbutin Whitening Complex is enriched withα-Arbutin and multiple botanical extracts to suppress the formation of melanin and therefore the appearance of spots, leaving even and white complexion. Skin looks white and clear even without makeup.
This product is made in Taiwan under the direction of the famous skincare expert, Niuer

how to use it:  50ml of α-Arbutin Whitening Complex is contained. Add more than a double of toner so that it exceed the mark “100ml”. Try adding, for example, Job's tear & licorice water brightening treatment to create Job's tear & licorice water + α-Arbutin brightening treatment . For safety reason, please do not add products other than Beauty Diy. (*Caution: Do not use with Blue Water or any complex)

Try adding Serum or Essence, such as Q10, peptide, silk etc. For example, add Silk Essence to create a hydrating treatment, Silk +α-Arbutin Essence. For safety reason, please do not add products other than Beauty Diy.

Use day and night, apply a proper amount (size of a 5-dollar coin) of diluted α-Arbutin Whitening Complex to cleansed and toned face and neck.

As it contains a high concentration of botanical extract, its color and smell may change as time flies. It is a normal occurrence.

Avoid eye contour areas while applying. If it contacts eyes, please rinse thoroughly.

1. α-Arbutin Extract:slows down the formation of melanin for white-looking skin.
2. Bearberry Extract:evens up complexion.
3. Scutellaria Root Extract:soothes discomforts and correct dull skin.
4. Mulberry Root Extract:soothes skin.
5. Saxifraga Extract:is enriched with Tannic Acid prevent irritation and discomforts.

The Good:

There are many things good about this product, one of them being its price! Here in the U.S., sking brightening/lightening treatments can be rather costly, and perhaps some are even ineffective.  At a total of $27 bot a bottle and a half, you can't go wrong.

Another great thing is that although it looks pretty dangerous and weird on the bottle, it actually has no smell to it, and it is rather gentle. My guinea pig (mo mommy lol) says it doesnt sting or burn, and she has sensitive skin!

And the best thing about the product is its effectiveness! My mother has been using this for about two weeks and her face is a lot lighter.  She is fair complected and has tiny freckles, but bein here in AZ and the sun, she developed a few brownish spots on her face, something that looks line a "pregnancy mask" although she tells me they are age spots lol and she is not even old (well 48 yrs old, but to me old is like 80-ish lol)

The Bad:  Nothing really.  I guess one bad thing would be having to order it from Hong Kong, but that has nothing to d owith the product itself.  Sasa offers flat rate shipping tothe US, I believe it is $6.95 no matter how little you buy.  there is free shipping at some poitn, i believe at $100.  They also ship via registered mail, so you get to track it and it takes about 2 weeks tops.  Thats it!

Final Thought

Well, as i told you, i got this for my mom because she hates her freckles and the few spots she has.  also her face had like a brownish/tan cast to it, righ on her cheeks. weird.  She has used tons of products ranging from drugstore to higher and highest end with little results.  what had worked was a milky water we get from Mexico everytime we go over, but that eventually stopped working as well.

Within a week of using it she looked a shade lighter on her face, and the brown cast was less noticeable.  she is shy of 2 weeks and omg, she can actually go without makeup and seriously, those 2 spots are way way way lighter.  I wish i would have taken a picure and i didnt, but i think i will take one anyway and save it, and then compare them after she is done with the bottle.

I highly recommend it, but as usual, be careful and do your research.  =D

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  1. This sounds like a really nice product! I have been battling with dark spots and pigmentation for the longest time. It's hereditary in my family. Sasa is available here in my country and I will definitely check them out at the stores. Thanks for sharing!