Sunday, January 9, 2011

My HG Mascara...and a lipliner =D


I was shopping around at one of the many local "bargain" clothing and accessory stores and i came across my long lost love beloved favorite mascara in the whole wide far.  I have yet to find a mascara that helps me the way this one does (even Dior Show).  This specific brand is from Mexico, and there is another one that looks different (NaturaMex...but me dont likey it lol).  That does not scare me hahahaha, but i understand if you ladies would not wanna come near it =D

Did I mention this costs a RIDICULOUS amount of money?  Dang it, it set me back $1.99 per tube LOL!!!!!!!!

Here are some pictures:

I picked up 2 versions of the many
many 'flavors' they offer.
                       "Almond Oil"                     "Ceramides/Natual"                          
This is what the brush looks like.  It is rather large.
and it tapers at the end. Sort of makes it easier to grab the little
lashes in the inner corner, and it fans out the outer lashes.
It hardly ever clumps...ever!
Ingredients in the "Ceramides" mascara.  Both/all versions have
similar ingredients, exceopt the "flavor/oil" (i.e. Almond oil)

The pictures below are from 2 quick swipes.  if i take my sweet time
(i did this in the car, like in a minute lol) they come out better.
I do have tiny little short, sparse  barely there
eyelashes....and for my luck, i love a good lash ; D

Me With NO Mascara =(

Excuse my huge wrinkles! I have been getting about 3 hrs of sleep
every day for the past month or so, and my skin/face/eyes are starting to
show it (breakouts, dark circles, red eyes and these wrinkles =(
This is just a random NYX lipliner i found there.
I dont really buy NYX, but I know that it is about $4-5 per item
at ULTA..or so.  This was $1.45 =D
"Peek-a-boo Neutral"

it is a bit coral-y but not bad.  I was expecting a more beigy neutral, however
this is a nice coraly nude, and i have too many coraly
shades, so it worked out perfectly.
Either way, i am not too huge on liplining, and only because i WILL be the one
that uses the wrong shade to "Outline" the lipline LOL

I was too happy to come across my HG mascaras.  They are easy to fing in LA and Ebay, but Ebayers sometimes want too much $$ and shipping, so given the fact that a tube is only $1.99, it is almost not worth it!
It is suppesed to be benefitial because of the "oil" it has (Almond, Mamary, Aloe, Avocado, Peanut, Jojoba etc), and they claim to condition the lashes and nourishing them so they do not fall out sooner than they have to.
These are also water-proof.  These gotr me through my LASIK rehab lol..and i was on eyedrops for about 3 months, twice a day lol.
My experience with these has been positive.  not only does it make my lashes HUGE and FLUFFY, but it does condition them, and you cna 'feel' that by touching them after they are dry...they feel sos soft and plush.  They also stopped falling out the way they did before, and perhaps this sounds nuts and its psychological, but they did grow in length and number the time i used this religiously,

so, i will be stocking up on these, since i have spent too much $$$$ on mascaras that do nothing for me.  I am planning a giveaway soon, i just have to figure out the prizes, (makeup obviously, and i wanna add jewelry [made by me lol] because i have tons stored and i dont feel like undoing all of it, lol and i may add a couple of these).

so have you guys ever heard of this brand? tried it?


  1. Better than DIor Show? i love that mascara. I spend to much on mascaras too :/

  2. Wow I love bargain shopping and yes I think my mom bought some of theses when we went to the alleys in LA this summer. (My mom is from Mexico too)

  3. Awww I miss these!!! I remember my cousins and I went crazy when we first saw these yrs ago. I need them back in my life!

  4. I love mascara...your eyelashes look great.

  5. WOW, your lashes look incredibly great in that mascara :) Love it. Thanks for sharing

  6. I just bought DiorShow and fell in love with it lol. That mascara looks lovely on your lashes! I'd def try it if it was available in my area!