Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quick Tip For Mineral Foudation


I have a quick tip to share.  This may be old to most of you, but i thought i'd try anyway.  I recently told you how i broke out like crazy using my MAC foundation, and due to that, i have to wear minerals until i heal.  well due to the acne, my skin has been oily and yucky, so out of frustration and the need to cover those nasty, huge, red, ugly pimples i decided to try a different method of applying mineral foundation.

I use EveryDayMinerals mineral foundation (Fair Medium).  The finish i have is "original glow" and i mised it with a little of the same color in "semi matte"  So what did i di differenty?  Well I used it WET and created a Liquid mineral foundation lol!!!!! 

This is what i did:
1.  I sprinkled the minerals on the lid.
2. I sprayed my ELF Flat top Studion brush with my Mario Badescu refreshing spray My Post on This
3. Dipped brush in he powder
4.  On a separate lid, i swirled it, creating a cream/paint mix
5. Stippled and buffed it all over

OMG, the results were frikin' flawless.  I seriously was shocked, especially because the foundations i used are sheer to medium coverage.  It looked great and took half the time it takes me to apply them dry.  Also, i did notice my face did not create oil at all. Actually, i even felt my fave "tight" and a little dry @_@  This is a new one to me. OMG i am in shock.
Since I felt my skin a little tight, I will try mixing it with Fix + and see how that goes (It went well...did not get the "tight" feeling >_< ). 
Another idea that came to me is mixing it with Aloe Vera Gel.  I have a 99% natural organig, scent free gel i get at my local farmers market store, maybe this will be more moisturizing! Also, i will try mixing it with an oil-free moisturizer, to see how that works.

Ok, that is all for now,  hopefully some of you ladies found this interesting and useful, if not, thanks for putting up with me lol

Luv ya all and thanks for stopping by....btw, i am seriously considering the Laurna Mercier Tinted Moisturizer as an alternative to foundation lol!


  1. nice tips!!! love mineral makeup myself!!! oh i am hosting a giveaway, not sure if you have entered but feel free :)

  2. I just can't get into Mineral Foudation/makeup. I really do need to give it a shot! great post <3