Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Best Multi-Tasking Body Butter

Hello ladies!

I just wanted to share, again, the best body butter ever made lol! I have been using this for a while with great results.  I also use it on my daughter and it has helped with her eczema.  This is why i rave about this Body butter:

1.  it is robust but non greasy at the same time, and it does feel so nourishing!
2.  i no longer bleed like crazy every time i shave my legs yay!
2.  it has gotten rid of my rough and dry elbows, and has decreased the appearance of red bumps on my arms
4.  i use it as a lip conditioner at night...i get mine unscented lol
5.  it healed a lesion my daughter had on the corner of her mouth...within a  week!

and the best use for this is ........OMG it does miracles on dry, cracked feet and heels !!! O.O

I wear flip flops year round and no matter if i get regular pedicures or not, my feet get too nasty looking and dry.  I have tries many, many things, including a popular balm stico for cracked heels and nothing! not even vaseline for crying out loud =/

After using this on my feet before bedtime some time ago i noticed that my feet were better the morning after.  and with regular use, i have not had dry ugly heels ever lol!  I stopped using it to see if it really was this butter that helped it all, and there i had them, dry ugly heels and feet again!

so, i no longer buy body lotions from else where at all.  I am happy with this brand, and although it is not pricey, it is worth every dime!  i get a huge tub (8oz) for $9 and if there is a coupon going on for them, then i get a discount.

So if you ever want to give this a try, visit Ms Lucretia's website or FaceBook Page

omg i just sounded like a commercial lmbo! but no, i am not sponsored or paid lol, i (and everyone in my family) love her stuff!


  1. OMG I know what you are talking about the cracked feet! I hate it and I been looking for something to help my feet. Than goodness for your review on this I need to get some and its hella cheap!

  2. Sounds like a good one!! Great review:)

  3. Wow I have to try it I dont have extremely dry skin but there are certain areas that I would like to keep exra moisturized like my knees and my knuckes. At work I am constantly applying lotion but it dries out fast.

  4. Thanks ladies, I'm ready to serve you!!!