Tuesday, January 4, 2011

MAC Studio Fix Fluid-Review-ish

I have been collecting small purchases over the past few weeks that i have not blogged about.  One of the items is the coveted MAC Studio Fix Foundation (NC15).  I have read a ton of reviews, both either good or bad.  Many people rave about this coveted foundation and others simply dislike it for one reason or another.

Well, I am sort of new to MAC.  The very first thing I tried was the Studio Fix Powder foundation, and although the coverage was luxurious and lovely, it did not go well with my skin.  Within 3 days, I had massive acne =/ 
Another item i tried before is theif gel liners.  I got a reaction to it, and my eyes burned and itched like craxy, so there goes the fluidline =(  Luckily, I re visited it and it worked well, so i am assuming i can now use it, however, i am still a bit skeptical.  Ok on with the acutal topic lol!

So,  I went to the MAC counter a few weeks ago and ended up buying a few items.  One of them was the foundation, and needless to say, I was happy happy happy, loved the coverage and was very shocked that the color they suggested was NC15 O.O  which i think was too light, but acutally it worked out good!

So I have been using this every day for the past 10 days or so. Just a tiny bit, as full coverage is not needed on a daily basis.  The end result???????????

A face FULL of ACNE =(    I noticed a couple of days ago that i had massive breakouts all along my jaw line and my forehead, and a few on my temples and cheeks.  i wanted to blame every single cosmetic i own, but sadly, i knew what caused it.  I only use BB creams, EveryDayMinerals foundation, MAC MSF and some EDM Veils...so there, i have a face full of acne and i hate it.  on a happy note, this foundation will cover them all lol!

Idk why i break out.  the MSF and blushes have never broken me out, but foundations have.  I also have the Studio Fix Concealer and no problem.  I wanted to try their face primer but now i am afraid to...although the Fix + does not break me out (well not in the winter lol)

So, do you guys have good experiences with MAC? Are there any Foundations you recommend?  I am sort of tired of BB Creams and Minerals, but it seems like this is all i am bound to wear =/


  1. I am lucky to have rather good experience with this foundation. Likewise I adore the coverage. I heard alot of ppl break out from it though..Probably u shuld stop wearing it for awhile...

  2. I'm the saem way I stay far away from mac to furthest I go is the lip gloss my opion I really don't like MAC . It overpriced and over rated all there stuff makes you brake out I've tried it all and I can't say enough how much I dislike mac but then again it might just be me to see how much so many women love it who knows. but you should try tinted moisturizer not from mac but I use the Stila one and love it

    thanks for always stopping by my blog your the sweetest

  3. I own a couple of their foundations the studio fix fluid is a little heavy for me and should be applid with a light hand, I also have the mineral foundation- not good if you have visible pores or oily skin as it settles. I also use Revlon Colorstay-that I love. On the weekends I wear Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and Physicians Formula tint moist as well those are light coverage.

  4. I only tried their spf foundation creme thing that they released last yr and I loved that but someone stole it :(. I am not much for liquids foundations, I am scared of them ahha so if I can get mousse I will. Good luck!