Tuesday, January 4, 2011



So are you ladies all recovered from all the holiday goodies? I know Im not....still eating lots, but I must go back to my routine asap!  Here is a quick post of New Year's day:

I used many colors, including a greenish gray!

The eyeliner always looks funky, as if its not a perfect line.  I think
its due to the shape of my eyes, because if i open them, the
wing is in perfect alignment lol...i may be wrong though!
That is all I have for tonight.  I shall be posting more this week, i hope.  I have not have massive hauls or christmas makeup, so i might post a few items i have purchased recently!


  1. I love it! This is so new years and I think the liner is perfectly aligned! All the colors blend well! I cant read about your recent purchases!

  2. I think the colors look gorgeous and I love the eyeliner. I got a lot of cosmetics stuff for Christmas and started using them already so I will also have to get everything together to do a haul.