Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mini Haul-LBO&S!

I recently purchased a few items from Lucretia's Body Oils & Sprays.  I have been a happy customer for a while and she had a 40% off sale on Cybre Monday, i think =D

Most of the items i bought were items i have been using for a while, with a few new body oils to try.  Ms Lucretia is simply the best! Her stuff is GOOD and she is oh so very lovely and great...(no, im not being paid for this lmbo, i just really love her products and her Lucretia's FaceBook Page is such an awesome place to "hang out" and everyone there is super friendly and it seriously is a hangout spot!

All my awesome stuff.

Bubble gum flavored lipbalm. not the softest texture
but really helps my lips get smooth, and best of all, no
Price was $1.25

My Body oils.  They are the best and omg they last all
day long. I dont reapply. Seriously!
Price is $5 for the small ones and $7 for the bigones. Love this stuff!

This is her "Body Lotion"
This is $9 for the tub

Her "Body Butter"
This was also $9

Checkout the consistency! O.O

The Body Butter is...i just have no words that can fully explain it or do it justice.  This has changed my life >_<  I no longer have ashy bumply dry legs, but i dont cut myself during shaving.  This is "robust" but not heavy at all.  Its made of Shea Butter, so if you are familiar with it, then you know what i mean.  You can either have scented or unscented, and she has over 900 fragrances to choose from..

This is a miracle worker for dry feet! I put some on my heels and feet every night and wear socks and omg, heavenly.  Seriously.  This works way, way, way better than other expensive items!

Her "African Black Soap"
Looks like cake. im hungry lol!
This costs $7 for 4oz.  lasts forever.
Needless to say, I am obsessed with her products. Love them all and there is so much more i need to try still, but i always stick to my faves though!  I got my mother super obsessed and addicted to the Body Butter and the African Black soap, and she is slowly giving in to the body oils (she is a brand-name junkie).

there are a number of benefits to the African Black soap.  I use it on my face, and it keeps oil and acne on check.  I use it on my scalp when i damage it (i guess i scratch till i bleed whenever i am stressed out and doing homework.  i dont notice it till its start bleeding. then it scabs and i am a huge PICKER, so yup, it is literally impossible for it to heal) and it makes it scab really hard, and i cant pick, resulting in a healthy scalp.

it also deep cleanses the scalp. I have colored hair and have not had a problem with this.  I also use it as a bosy soap. It has helped me a lot with my red bumps in my arms.  It has no smell to it, and it does not crumble on me, however, i store back in the container after i use it.  Lathers like crazy and moisturizes as well. 

My mom just used on a burn wound (smallish). it literally scabbed it so quickly and shrinked the diameter of it.  within a couple of days, the scab fell off and was all healed.

I know i am raving about the Black soap but i have been testing this for sooooo long and not only did it do wonders for me but for my mom also, and she is the biggest skeptic i know o_O


  1. Wow her products do seem awesome and looking at the pictures alone i already have an idea of the consistency...i so want to try some especially the lotion and black soap:-)

  2. After hearing so much about Mrs. Lucretia on youtube I just had to try her products. I now have become hooked and would not wear anything but her oils. My husband would not try the ones I got for him so I gave them to our son. All I have to say is after everyone kept telling him he smelled sooo good and not saying anything to my husband with his department store colognes $$$ LOL he now is also hooked thank you for everything your the greatest. I am not just talkin about your oils. :-)

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