Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Graduation Bracelet

Hello lovelies!

I am happy to annonce that I officially have absolutely no school work whatsoever! that means that i can bs on the internet all free of stress and procastinations lol!

As i mentioned earlier, i am finally graduating this Friday, yayuh!  I was going to make me a necklace featuring my school colors, however, i have to wear an ugly, big, over sized gown and it will not, i decided to make a bracelet instead!  I beaded it instead of making it all sterling, since i kind of dont like my school color combination lol.

Here is the end result:

It does have Swarovski crystals in the toggle heart clasp, and at both ends.
the red heart charm is also swarovski,  the rest is just crystal beads, and genuine garnet gemstones.

it is sparkly, so i hope it shows in the pictures. I am not big on school spirit, but i figured
graduating with a Bachelors is sort of a massive accomplishment that deserved a little something =D


  1. that's amazing so super happy for you congrats it comes will deserved !!! can't wait to see the pictures

  2. the bracelet is super cute! AND CONGRAAAATS YOUR SO LUCKY!

  3. How prettay! Congrats to you also :)