Sunday, December 19, 2010

Graduation Pictures!

Hello ladies!  I finally finished school and have time to read all the blogs i want lol!  My Graduation convocation was on Friday, 12/17 and was very short and not so boring =D 

I had to wear the Cap and Gown, so my dress did not even show at all.  I also opted for low heel because i was afraid to trip and fall in front of everyone lol!  Btw, i totally changed my hair color.  I was so sick of hilights that i went to Target, got some semi permanent hair color in medium brown and dyed it myself @_@ i hae never done that so it was scary but i guess it tunred out ok.

Eye look

very neutral, since the schools colors are ugly,
i had few choices to work with.


same here. neutral lip and cheeks. i was too lazy
to glam it up much.  i did curl mt hair and
it looked all pro.

Kim Karsashian move over! lol, this really enhances the rear lol

So this is most of it.  I have to upload pics of the ugly cap n gown etc, but that will be another post....I am too happy its kind of over, however, i will be returning next semester to complete physics and chemistry....but in the mean time, i will be having too much fin reading all of your blogs slowly lol finally!


  1. are looking gorgeous...this dress and makeup suits you very are looking hot and charming.

  2. wow girly your working that dress congrats !!! again you deserve it !!

  3. I loove the contrast of the colors and how you blended them, so pretty!

  4. Aranza I love the way your hair turned out and congrats on yuor graduation Latinas representing for Az yaaay!

  5. I loove your make up and that dress looks fab on you! Congrats!! :)