Monday, December 20, 2010

FOTD and Random Stuff!

Hello ladies!

I bought some routines items from TheBodyNeeds and they had new cream eyeliners added on their site, so i bought the black one and a silver one.  Here is a picture using their liner.
TBN Eyeliner. I know its messy and i have a mascara smudge lol
i was just too happy to see the package so i tried it over the makeup i was wearing. lol

"Glendale Glitters" Downtown glendale, AZ
Small park area that gets all lit uo with millions of christmas lights in December.
This is a great little place to go. they have horse rides and food, and
local vendors on the weekend.
I took my child here as an attempt for her to get tired and go to SLEEP lol

My Jaeden (your left) and her cousin Emily with Santa. OMG, my daughter
talked Santa's ear off. She gave him tips here and there and
caught everyones attention. They were all over her.
she totally asked if it was true he has a "toy machine" and that if he did, to please
get her all she wishes for and no "Shrek" items. lol
Totally unexpected trip.  my child was soooooooo underdressed, those are her pj pants
it was embarrasing but we were not expecting to go there lol

This is how i looked today! the liner was a bit too dramatic but i didnt care =D
i am loving my dark, mysterious hair color lol
That is all i have.  I will post pictures and swatches of what i purchased and a mini review on their gel eyeliner. I have purchased a few cosmetics, but i have no clue where i left them, since i have to hide them most of the time from my oh-so-nosy daughter!


  1. love the gel eyeliner! and how cute is your daughter? OMG. she's adorable! :)

  2. Your little girl is too cute!! Hehe

    I love the looks. Very simple and pretty.

  3. LOL your daughter, so cute in her pj's and the winged liner look suits you:-)

  4. I love the blending of the two colors! that's a pretty good eyeline! I can't wait to see your review!

    ehhe your daughter is soo cute!