Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Christmas Wishlist


I have such a long, long, gorgeous wishlist but i picked the ones with the most "urgency" lol.  Here they are:
Want this now! ;p;
This is toooooo cute.   I also want this sooooo bad =D
And finally the most coveted tinted moisturizer of all times!

These are a couple of items out all of the stuff i want lol.  I did buy myself some makeup (will post soon), but it is way too fun when someone surprises you with it!  I did get a couple of Graduation gifts, none of wich i will find useful =(  I just dislike it very much when i cannot use a gift, but sometimes the item is totally and definitely not "you"!!  Too bad the item was too expensive, i could have had that NAKED palette for a little less than what that gift cost @_@  (btw, it is lingeire, think stripper lol...not me at all, not ever lol)

What i really honestly whish i received this xmas is a DSLR camera! omg i want one sooo soooooo much, but i feel guilty splurging over $700 for one =(  ok, o also want world peace, i am not that shallow ; D


  1. Great products! Hope you get them soon:)

  2. I want the first two also! LOL but i think im gonna have to wait till income tax =/ LOL great list =)

  3. Your wish list looks very nice. I want the first idem badly. Where can I find it?


  4. I love urban decay. the naked palatte looks so good! Check out my giveaway!

  5. Wow nice. I really like the Urban Decay Naked Pallette but I saw on Sephora they were out of stock and even UD website.

  6. I want that Naked palette so BAD!! its always out of stock and I have gone to several sephoras :/ ugh. I hope you get what you want!