Monday, December 13, 2010

FOTD-Saturday Night!

we went to a family event on Saturday night, so i felt like dressing up...and of course, i wore a skirt and it was freezing! It has been kind of warm here in AZ for December, but seriously i was freezing on Saturday.  I felt like drama, so i did a brownish/purplish smoky eye and bright lips *cringe*

I wore MAC Cyndy lipstick, its a nice soft red, so not too loud i guess! I also learned how to curl my hair with my straightening iron...i know, i am way late lol, but i could never do it using my CHI, but this new Joico iron is the best thing ever invented!

My Baby girl. She was moody.  She wanted red lips as well ^_^

My hair needs help! I dont want to keep the highlights so i might just darken it
all by my self lol! We'll see! I never dye my own hair but i rather buy makeup than get my hair colored
plain brown and shell out at least $100 LMBO!
I am really loving brughter lips.  I never ever wear colored lips except for nude or pinks, but i am seeing lots of color and i love it..i just dont lilke to see me with bright lips...but i will just try.  I have a makeup appointment at MAC (graduation on Friday, yayuh) so if you all have some suggestions from MAC let me know.  I am new-ish to the brand simply because i breakout with their stuff, but so far the MSF and Studio concealer havent.  They just told me to buy makeup (i guess they dont charge to do people's makeup??) so i was all happy and want new things >_<


  1. I'm in LOVE with your eye makeup!


  2. You look great! And your baby girl is adorable :)

  3. I love the look and you are very pretty! Your baby girl is super cute!

  4. I really like your eye makeup and the lipstick looks lovely on you too :)

    I want the Viva La Cindy & Gaga lipsticks.

  5. Very pretty!! Yeah, after wearing cyndi I have gotten the courage to wear and buy brighter colors i.e. violetta hehe. DOnt worry I dont know how to curl my hair with my straighter...haha kinda dont bother cause my hair sucks :/. COngrats on your graduation! :) and take pics!!

    I think you have to buy 50 dollars worth of product to get your make up done @ mac..I never done it but its not bad :).

  6. @Viooolicious: I will have not problem at all selecting $50 worth of MAC lol!!! Actually i am soooo looking forward to that because its an excuse to have new makeup =D

    @ Leslie: I have both and love both. GaGa in my opinion a little more difficult to wear but i love it. Cyndi is a nice red, not too loud but bright enough!

    @Ryia and Aesthetic..: Thanks. My girls is something else. too much of a smart mouth lol!