Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Won a Giveaway!!!

Hello!  I entered a giveaway a month or so ago and i won!!!!!!!  @_@  Here is my lovely, awesome prize:

The beautiful zxenarea was having this giveaway in October i think and i entered, just once.  A couple of weeks later she contacted me to tell me.  I was so shocked! This was my very first time i enter a giveaway and i won it.  It took a while to get here because it came from Canada, but when I received it...omg, i literally had to fight my 3 year old daughter for it.

she packaged it in a pretty pink box and had a silky brown ribbon tied all around it and ended it as a bow.  She also included a Christmas card...How lovely right!!?

The bracelet is about 7.5 inches and the beads are Crystals with Sterling spacer beads and toggle clasp.  I believe the flower charm is also sterling silver.  it is a beaded rather than stretchy bracelet, and as far as i expericenced, it is far from being fragile.  I had it on all night yesterday while runing around, helping in the kitchen, holding my child etc and i did not break!

So, Why dont I have a pic of the pretty bow and  card?  Well, my daughter (Jaeden) STOLE the bracelet eith the ribbon and left me the empty box EXACTLY where i left i didnt "see" it was missing.  when i got around to wanting to take pics, well, box was empty and card was missing.  she would not tell me where she placed it at all.  Two days passed and the bracelet "accidentally" appeared on top of my TV...but no ribbon, no card!

I gave up, so i just took a pic of my bracelet and immediately stored it away to avoid any more mishaps lol!  I wore it last night for a family ge-together and every one loved it.


  1. congrats on winning!! thats such a cute bracelets and LOL @ your daughter!! haha

  2. Congrats!! that such a cute bracelet!

  3. You're so lucky! I haven't won in any giveaway hehe... The bracelet is so pretty:-)

  4. congrats - that's a gorgeous bracelet! :)