Saturday, December 11, 2010

FOTD-For volunteer Work

I am not sure if i told you guys but I volunteer at the ER...I really wanna go to med school lol!  They dont really have rules, so i weat makeup and leggings everytime i go lol!  here is my attempt to not look like the zombie i have been for a while.  I reaally dont sleep much =/

Supposed to to be orange-ish and green and brown, but very subtle.  Yup, No liner =/

i think I succeeded at hinding the "zombiness" but i seriously felt so tired all morning
and of course, i was soooo busy, just my luck!
Wow my brows need some serious intervention, but i am so waiting till next week...for graduation!
and i will be coloring my hair...all by my self @_@
If I go to have it done, I will end up processing it a lot, and as you can see, i need to keep
as much hair on my scalp as i can lol (well i have tons of super short layers, thats why it looks thin,
but i do not have a lot, so i seriously need to stop the every 6 week process!)

"Healing Garden"
The roses are to die for! They even have piano music playing throughout the garden area
along with benches and tables and a fountain that looks like a pool lol

Hospital Food
Yea, They give us stuff like this.  Actually the food there is very good.
I actually love eating there lol

I am so happy to say that i turned in my last 10 page paper of my life...I hope! all I have left is one more Final on the 15th and then graduation on the 17th!  I am so relieved now.

Im hoping to finally make all that jewelry i kept telling my self i wanted.  I also have a ton of finished pieces that must be taken appart, since they have been there all semester....


  1. good luck with that last final!! and yay for graduating soon. must feel relieving ^__^

  2. Those roses are gorgeous :)

    Hospital food is seriously amazing. When I was staying this summer in the hospital for my brain surgery, I had the most delicious scalloped potatoes ever! ;O

  3. your eyes look so gorgeous! i love the whole look :)

  4. that chocolate cake looks so good...

    and love your eyemakeup! its very natural :)