Friday, November 5, 2010

TGIF! Off to California!!!!!


Hope you ladies are off to a great weekend! I have seriously had the last 2 months of hell! Famliy issues, school work, exams, my child, it all piled up and omg, i broke out @_@

At least i am off to a great weekend. My sister and I are driving to California to see some family, and to party, of course! I am looking forward to that, but, i am not looking forward to having to dress up. I am too exhausted...but i will have to, because in my experience, people in CA get all pimped out to go out, as opposed to here in AZ!

Well, this is what my diet has been consisnting of lol....perhaps this is causing me those pimples ;)
I just thought it would be nice to share.

That small cum on the background is an Orange Julius...I have never had it before

and to be honest, i absolutely HATED it (and i rarely get all picky about food!)

No Comment o_O
have a lovely weekend ladies and i am looking forward to reading all about it...and to see the gorgeous looks and outfits you guys put together!
I will try to take good pictures and i will post them...I also am hoping to be able to drive to LA and go to the Korean Gallerias and Chian Town.....I want their food, but mainly I wanna look at all the Asian makeup...I read Palace Beauty Supply is the best thing ever, but I hope i find an alternative closer to San Bernardino =/


  1. have a great trips here is sunny California !!!

  2. have a good weekend here in Cali :) its been hot here lately, but I guess it doesnt compare to AZ. but still hot considering its already NOVEMBER xP

  3. Have a great weekend...I tagged you!!