Monday, November 8, 2010

OOTD/Wet n Wild Eyes

Hello ladies!

Hope you had a great weekend! As you all know, I went to California over the weekend, however, I forgot to take my camera, therefore, the pictures are crappy, espeially because the lighting is so bad at my aunt's house.........
............I wanted to go to China Town for Chinese food and to the Korean Gallerias in City Center (?) sooooo badly, but we had to drive back immediately upon waking up on sunday because my mother was at the verge of a nervous breakdown having had stayed home with 3 little ones (mine, my sister's and my brothers daughter)

But i am planning to go foe Thanksgiving, so, I can hardly wait to go to the Korean place, locate the beauty store, and get all the stuff i want from there...I read they have all kinds of Korean goodies, and I have a feeling LANEIGE, VOV, Etude House, etc will be readily available!!

Some Pics from Saturday night! Beware...I need to go get my eyebrows threaded 9-1-1
with so many assignments this past week, i had no time to go, so I am so sorry for the hairy and unkept brows

My Sister and I. My face looks so white here, and I even used the Photo Read Foundation lol
This is the shortes dress and the most revelaing that i have ever worn!
idk why, but i was in the "i dont give a damn" mood =)
The colors are actually creamy taupe and navy blue stripes, in a satiny silk fabric! thats why i wore red heels and necklace...seriously, usually i stay in the safe side and go for black shoes lol

My Cousin and I. She is soooo tall! I lvoe standing next to her becuse she is
actually way taller. She is 6'1-2" and i am 5'10-11"
and she wears 5 inch heels @_@ and rocks them!
Although i look taller here =)

My Eyemakeup was light taupe/pearl and the sparkly navy blue color that comes in the
pallete. It is black based, so I used the brighter shade of blue from the blue/teal/green
Wet n Wild Color Icon palette (not the holoday one)
Due to terrible lighting, my eyeliner came out all crooked, and i also forgot to take
falsies =/

Terrible lighting again! bu I decided to shoe the pic anyway.
My eyeakeup was actually very loud, but i dont think it looked bad!
I wish i had taken a better picture. and i should have gone heavier on the blush and the lips
but i did not want to push it =)
Eyes: Wet n Wile Holiday Color Icon Palette and regular one, L'oreal lineur intense liquid eye liner, The All Natural Face eyelid Primer in Buff
Face: ELF Mineral primer, Revlon Photoready foundation, MSF in Medium
Cheeks: MAC Bite of an Apple,
Lips: Golden Rose lipstic in #104, NYX Lipgloss


  1. wow...your eye makeup is sexy and are looking pretty...your outfit is great.

  2. Chaoooo! Very sexy! Cute outfit and the make up looks amazing! Yay for Cali! Its sad but I never been to china town :/. I am missing out on it! ahha I can't wait for thanksgiving! I looove my grandmas turkey :) xxxxx

  3. I want to be 5'10...that's awesome..well, I am 5'8ish...but I want to tower over's fun lol

  4. wow sexc.. love the outfit and makeup beautiful. 5'10 so tall, wish i be a bit taller then what i am, am a shorty, me 5'!!

  5. i suggest you should show your body off more often because you look gooooooooooooood :)! also love your makeup too. i havent plucked my eyebrows either but thats because i lost it hahaha and i've just been lazy lol! i really still want to try some laniege products when you suggested them long time ago i just wish they weren't online :(

  6. Glad you had a great time with your sister. You look great. I feel you I have had so much homework it has made me have headaches everyday and working 45 hrs week on top of thta is not a good

  7. You and your family have great genes! You all are so pretty!
    I loved the eyeshadow btw :)

  8. WOW, you're gorgeous. love the look on you. following you now. :)

    Hope you drop by and visit my blog too:


  9. Thank you ladies! I learn from the best...YOU ALL =)

  10. Omg Hot!!!!! you look amazing girl omg you have came out of your shell big time you look amazing with the red and the strips wow I'm lost for words !!! hey I live in LA let me know when you come !!!