Thursday, November 4, 2010

WNW Holiday 2010 Color Icon Palettes

Hello pretty girls =D

So I have been reading lots regarding this wet n Wild collection, so I went on a hunt a couple of days ago and was lucky enough to find them at my local Walgreen's...and they were the last ones...and I almost missed them (walked past them like 10 times Lol)

Here is a picture of their Promotional Ads

I only bought of the 4 available. The gold/neutral palette just did not strike me as awesome. Plus, i have a crapton of neutrals that I rarely use, since my thing is Loud, in-your-face type of eye colors ;)

- Night Elf -

- Snow Sprite -

- Sugar Plum Fairy -

These are by far more awe-stricking in person. The colors are so incredible, especially from an inexpensive drugstore product.

I remember that Wet n Wild was one of the first makeup brands I used religiously. I was a broke teenager (mom and dad would not cater to MAC lol). I loved their lipsticks and liners back then. Shadow was not my cup of tea as a teen...but now...thats a whole 'nother story!

So have you guys joined the 'hunt' for this palettes? I will be posting a FOTD using these soon....soon after i get a break from mid terms and papers...i swear i am getting cross eyed and becoming dixlexic from having tooooooooo much school work....One more month to go and i am finally free (well only till Jan, then I get tortured with Chem and Physics, and the MCAT, and the Med School interviews...dang it, i am already stressed just thinking about all that!)


  1. wowwww..I love these shades...please do the swatches soon..and yes I'll love to see them on your eyes.

  2. Love them! I need to get Night Elf - such a pretty palette!

  3. Love the paletts!!! me want!!:D


  4. I'd love to see Night Elf on you, that's the one I am most interested in.. I hope my Walgreens has them when I check back!

  5. Woww.. these look great! I'm def picking these up. I especially like the sugar plum fairy colors. <3

  6. Yay!! I really wanted these but idk its like i already have similar colors to night elf and the neutral one. Decisions decisions! hahaha

  7. im loving sugar plum fairy! i love wet and wild products :)