Friday, November 12, 2010

TBN and Possible Dupe Alert!!

TheBodyNeeds is has a coupon code for this month (i believe) for 20% off their mineral pigment/shadow.

I have purchased from them and i am a happy, happy, happy, customer! Their line is very extremely affordable and the colors are super pigmented. I have about 6 pigments, some setting powders, their version of Fix+ (not as "moisture-ey), mixing medium, pressing medium...and lots more.

So, I noticed her new launch of pigments are sooo prettry, but what caugh my eye is the similarity they have to the recent MAC Venemos Villan Collection! The Blackened Purple, Blackened Green, and Blackened Blue are soooooooo similar to the She Who Dares and the other set of mineralized shadows......

So at $1.79 for a 5 gram jar of shadow (jar is 5 gram but i think there is about 1 gram??? they the same size as Glamour doll eye and BE and all those)

Seriously, the prices are very low and i can honestly say i like their pigment shadows way better than BE and a little better than GDE!!!!!! $1.79 a pop!

go ahead and look, the shipping isnt bad at all

BTW...This is not sponsored/paid/bribed LOL I am just a happy customer and love to pass one the savings to my fellow makeup junkies!! =D


  1. Wow that's crazy! So is this like fake MAC or a similar line? :)

  2. Oh wait never mind I took a look and it looks so cool! I might get a pigment! Thanks for sharing! :D