Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Hair Color!!

Hello ladies =D

So I got tired of my very grown roots and I decided to drastically change my hair color! I went from bleach blonde/beige with honey to a cinnamonish red with orange, copper and blondish lol!

So here it is! Sorry for the face, I have ZERO makeup! No concealer, powder etc. Embarrasing, I know, and i have a HUGE pimple too LOL!

And this is what i have been working on today!
I decided to be completely lazy and ignore the fact that i have a midterm to work on
and a Huge research paper!!!
So what do you think? Drastic change huh?? Is it nice at least!


  1. I love the new hair color! Its cute! :) That's a cute necklace!

  2. you look great change is great and this was aweosme for you !!! good luck on your paper !!!

  3. Wow you did your hair color yourself? Looks good.

  4. @ Aggie602 No Girl! I would end up with no hair if i even attempted to color it LOL

    I went to get it done. My hair is one of those weird can only take in a certain developper, certain brands, etc, so I struggle to get the looks i want...usually takes 2-3 times =/ b/c if they just do it, i will go bald @_@