Monday, November 15, 2010

Everyday Minerals Haul

Here is my recent Everyday Minerals Haul. I was sooooo happy when this finally arrived! I did get lots of freebies! I am so in love with this line, and I regret not giving all their products a change before (i just used their foundation).

Here are some pictures:

This is one of the new kits. I think its called "No Makeup"
I chose Fair to Ivory b/c the Light kit was sold out!
The Pressed Foundation DID NOT come with this.

This cost me $18, but totally worth it...
Top row (freebies), compact, and bottom row (2 jars) are not in the kit.

Blushes in this kit (Pink ribbon and Tea time were freebies)
Raw Sugar (above) and Soft Bronzer (below)


Face Powders (except the 2 smaller ones, those i bought as samples)
Kaolin powders and Bamboo powder are "veils" for oily skin (counteract redness as well, due to the yellow tone).
"Natural" is an all over Glow. This makes your face so dewey and pretty. love it!
"Vicki's Creation" is a shimmery soft glow that doubles as a blush.
it is very pretty and soft

Top: Lippie in the kit "Fauna" Very, very, nude and sheer but it does add
some color. It makes your lips look polished. It feels like a lip balm but
goes beyond. Not too moisturizing...I really like it too!

Bottom: "Flora" roll-on eye shadow. this one is very nude, almost skin color with a hint of
shimmer. I was impressed with this too. the roll-on actually works
and it applies sooo smoothly....the roll-on is a plus for on the go!

Freebies: all of them were foundations in my color range
some were concealers, bronzers, and veils.
each of these jars is good for 5-7 applications, but they last more than 10 =)

I am really glad I tried other products from EDM. I love their foundations but I never really dared to try other items. I am very impressed with the "lippie" and the eyeshadow. The face powders and glows are so pretty, its insane!

I wore an all EDM face today (sunday) and everyone complimented me on my skin, and i have some ugly pimples...that time of the month lol.

I have never tried their pressed foundation, and today, i did and i also loved it. One thing to keep in mind though is the "base type"....Original glow is med coverage and very dewy, Semi-matte is a med-full coverage, and Intensive is full coverage, oily skin. I noticed that the colors vary slightly, so what i may use as intensive may be lighter in semi matte or original.

The pressed powder i got is in "Light" and it looks too dark and warm/yellowish/beige toned, but it was a perfect match on my skin. for reference, i am NC20-25, pink under tone. and i xcan perfectly match at least 3 different foundations from EDM..flawlessly.

Either way, their sample kits have 5 jars in your color range for $5 or if you buy something, regardless of the cost, they are FREE. So every time you buy something you can add the sample kit, plus whatever sale of the week (usually 50% off a chosen product) plus any promo code for FB or newsletter subscribers....and shipping is very reasonable. I paid $5 and got it in 3 days!

Have you guys tried this brand?


  1. Yay for free! ehhehehe I heard about Everyday Minerals but never tried any :/. The blushes look amazing!!!

  2. The swatches are so pretty! You always find good little companies to buy from haha :o)

  3. I bought a bunch of samples and have a full size blush. I simply adore this line.

    Really want to try their All smiles blush.

  4. I love this line too!!!

    @Gone2Rehab...That blush is amazing! it is the perfect coraly peach lol! I got it a few months ago when they still offered sample kits for everything else...such as blush, concealers, veils etc.

  5. I know, right? Looks so pretty on all the swatches I've seen.
    Just waiting to clear up my stash before I go and buy more stuff :)