Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hello Gorgeous ladies!

This post is just me playing around with my phone! I was wearing this really cute lace top in black with leopard papperns in tearl pink, grey...its sounds ugly but it is pretty. And since i had time to spare, I actually put makeup on!!


ELF Primer
Glamour Doll eyes Shadows in:

Picture Whore (All over lid)

Pistol Pistol (outer corner and as liner)
Tokyo (outer v)

Skin of a Killer (Highlight)

End Result LOL!!!

I really do use tons of things even for a simple everyday look!

That's it! On a side note, I was shopping around at Ross this afternoon, trying to procrastinate the fact that i have a crapton of papers to write, and OMG I came across the exact same pair of stilettos the gorgeous Curves Ahead posted last night! I swear I look forward to the weekend Girlie Looks =D you can see the shoes here: http://curvesahead14.blogspot.com/2010/10/weekend-girlie-looks_11.html
Girl, How can you even take a ste in those!! I was so drooling over them but I did not even attempt trying them on, I know better than that, I cannot walk in 10 inch stiletto heels, but they are sooooooooo pretty!!!!!


  1. hahah omg thanks for posting silly old me on you page !!! and yes I got my shoes at Marshall's for 30.00I think it was aren't they amazing !! you should have gotten come on you can do it !

    Oh and by the way your comment was awesome your not a dork your amazing you want to go to medical school your my hero I respect everyone that's in that career path it takes some one really special !!!

    and btw love that make up check you out hot mama


  2. i love this look! in your last picture you look so angelic haha :) gorgeous.

  3. This is such a gorgeous look! The colors go together so well!

    btw thank you for stopping by my blog. Hope you found something at Tobi Events!

  4. That's such a pretty look :) btw how are you liking that elf primer? I love it..and for the price, it rocks! Lol