Monday, October 11, 2010



This is quick FOTD/OOTD Post. This is the first time I wear high heels since May LOL!!!

IDK why it looks like I have mascara smeared on the eyeshadow! I swear i didn't =/

CLose up lol! I used earthy greens, browns, and gold. Also, NO Falsies!!! I am trying to not wear false lashes that often even though they are way easier than mascara...well for me anyways, since I was not blessed with long thick lashes.

Face. I look sooooo odd here! My child pulled me as i was taking the picture lol! I had just straightened my hair, so I had not done anything to it yet!

Close up of the necklace. As much as I want to wear stuff from Forever21 or anything like such, I cant. I am soooo allergic to metal. Its weird =/

Entire body. At least I did not stick out my belly lol! I love those shoes. They are them most comfortable 3.5-4 inch heels I own. I try not to wear them often because I am already too tall, but I just love these shoes =D
My Gorgeous Shoes! They are classic, nothing too fashion-y but hey, they are comfy.
That is all i have. I still have not even opened the stuff I bought at Ulta last weekend, I have had a ton of school papers, so no time to play with makeup. I Did go to H&M for the first time today! I know, i am too behind on things, but I usually do not go to the mall with my daughter, she is way too much to handle lol!
I did not buy anything for me there, i am a littl too "Fluffy" for the sizes there, but some did fit well, I did however, went nutz buying stuff for my very fashion forward little girl!


  1. I love it!! I'm scared to buy necklaces and stuff from stores cause they always turn green :/.I cant wear heels for a long period of time :(. Im too fat for them ahahah. I love yours though! they are unique, I haven't seen that style in a loong time!

  2. ohh I love your eye makeup are looking so sweet in this your necklace..

  3. Aranza I love your eye makeup and think you look great. I have the same problem w/Forever 21 necklaces but what I do when I get them is put clear nail polish all around the neck and let it dry. This prevents it from turning your neck green and the metal in hat area getting rusted.

  4. i <3 your eye makeup. i love earthy tones, so pretty