Thursday, October 14, 2010

FOTD/MAC Venomous Villains mini Haul

Hello Chicas!

So, Since I have been too bombarded with school work and a ton, really, a ton of family issues (serious ones), and the damd economy here in AZ....ugh, well due to all of the mentioned, I went on a mini makeuo shopping spree lol! Ther is something about shopping when i am not felling to happy and optimistic that simply lifts my spirits up =D

Well, I am not a MAC person simply because I broke out the first time i tried it, and then their fluid lne makes my eyes burn and itch and water....go figure. I do love their lipstick and lipglass, and soon to love everything else, because ONCE YOU TRY MAC, YOU NEVER GO BACK! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

ok, i am a little late for this one, but i went NUTZ trying to find some items from the Venemous Villains collection. I kid you not, I called every dang MAC store in AZ!!!! I am happy to say that I was able to get the few items i wanted, yay!

I bought:
1. Meleficent Violetta lipcolor and matching lipglass
2. Maleficent Mineralized eye shadow duos...both!
3. Evil Queen Bite of an apple Blush
4. Mineralize skin finish...just trying it and hoping i dont break out

I tried swatching but sice i donot have a fancy camera it was almost impossible and i gave up. Then i tried taking a good picture of my eyes i did with these makeup collection...and same problem, ugh, I really should have spent my $$$ on a fancy new camera, but no, silly me wanted more stuff i didnt need lol!

here is a crappy picture, i know, you cant even tell i have cool new shadow on :*( but at least i had really super cute Skinny jeans and super cutre heels (heels for me means 3inch lol)

I Adore this necklace!!!!!!

I got it for $12 Target...reg price was $50. I was sooo happy that day!

So, did you ladies gove in to to super cute Disney Villain Collection? If i could have afforded it, I would have gotten it all!!


  1. Hi Aranza, so finally you're back and you're looking sooo cute!!! Love your necklace.

  2. @ Rakhshanda Aww Thanks! I have been reading all of you guys' blogs lol. I finally got ll caught up with my school work. I have purchased some more makeup haha, so i will post soon. The only thing that prevents me from posting is my camera! I really need a good one lol

  3. your picture looks simple and gorgeous :) i've noticed us 'beauty bloggers' have been slacking cause of work and school haha. i ALMOST bought some things from this collection but i stopped myself cause i honestly really have all the colors already and i was just into the packaging more than the product. im glad i didnt cause i have money in my pocket now aha :)

  4. Love the necklace and your look! I didn't get anything from this collection :(. I might get De-vil eyeshadow. Everything sold out fast but then again the things I wanted I really didn't need so I guess I dont feel too bad. You must do a Bite Of Apple look. I been dying to see how it looks on the cheeks!!

  5. You look pretty. I rarely buy anything MAC and I didn't get anything this time either ...been thinking of hauling soon though ;)

  6. wow you got so many things I've never been a mac person until now but I;m still not crazy about it =( but I really did want things from this collection , great post chica you look lovely