Friday, September 24, 2010

Random Rant

Hello =D

Sorry i have been away for a while. i do read everyones blogs though! I have had the week from hell. Seriously, in so many semesters in college, i have never had this ridiculous amonut of readings and papers along with exams due. It was killing me, but lucky me, I finished the ugliest class yesterday, it was anupper division online class that was taugh in 5 weeks instead of the traditional 18 weeks :0 Also, i think i'm gonna be "forced" to attend school's after-the-game events, which will take up the rest of my saturdays, all the way till December, and that makes me wanna CRY!

And another ugly, horrible, devastating thing that happened: My GPA qualifies me for Magna Cum Laude. I will be graduating in December, so I was informed that i do not qualify for the recognition. I appealed, and they denied. I am not considered a "resident" within my university because i came from another institution, and due to that, i fell short 10 hours out of the 56 required. That alone was a major blow to my confidence, i work so hard for those talking about 5-6 hours of sleep a day, and working on stuff till 2-3am daily, etc. This really honestly made me so sad...add this to all the above mentioned and omg, too overwhelming.

I have so many projects to do...i have tons of supplies sitting by my desk that include really pretty crystals and silver, and i have not even had the chance to open the packages! I have makeup and lashes to play with, and i have been bare faced all week!

ok, enough of me, sorry for my random rant. Anything new with you guys? hope your week is not going as ugly as mine. At least your blogs keep my sanity at bay and take my mind off all the stress....but now i want more shes, bags, makeup, clothes LOL! The power of communication around us women!

Luv ya !



  1. Im sorry about your school situation! its crap and they always look at technicalities to fuck you over :/. I had a rough wk too im on probation for my math class :/. I study hard and still cant get the grade I want but if I do good on this wks exam I should be good. I can't wait for the semester to be over but you should be glad its almost over for you! Keep up the work cause in the end its all worth it :) xx

  2. aww dont worry my dear things will get better! your a strong woman you'll get through <3

  3. don't worry I'm sure things will work out with you! maybe you can re-apply when you get those hours?

  4. sux that your having such a bad week but don't worry every sacrifices comes a big benefit so you hang in there everything will work out !!

    Don't worry doll brings wrinkles ahahh hope that made you laugh =)