Monday, September 20, 2010


Hello ladies!

So i have been trying to be more stylish, not on mkeup but on fashion. Well the pic of my outfit did not do it any justice, but i promisse it did look nice. I also included pictures of my makeup!

The Eyeliner looks crooked on the left eye lol!

My Eye Looks sooooooo round and big...

Me after applying makeup, still has messy hair

After i was all done. Hair still messy but in a bun. I look like i am pushing out

my belly LMAO! I did not look ths odd. This is a miniskirt and the beld looked nicer

in person. I am standing too weird and omg

you can totally see the shaper/girdle im wearing underneath...

which is too bad for me because i am stuck with wearing it for a whole year!

(I had surgery in May...I think i mentioned it before)

So...that is why i look shapeless and odd most of the time, but i do

actually have a "figure" and a "waist"

Dang it, i am so not photogenic =/


  1. haha i didnt notice the girdle underneath dont worreh! i love your eyemakeup and the outfit! pretty face <3

  2. I love it!!!I wish i was more stylish but I just throw on a tank top and jeans. ahha. I hate my eyeliner never look the same on each side but it looks great cant even tell and that goes for the girdle too :). what eyelashes are you wearing? I love it!

  3. Those are my real lashes! haha, I wish!!!! They are some generic brand from ebay (HOH), they were .99 cents for 10 pairs. Free shipping!!! I guess i am too self-conscious about the girdle and shapewear, the Dr told me to suck it up for 1 year if i could =/ so i guess im stuck with it till next May lol!

  4. i love your makeup so pretty go well with your hair n outfit just Gorgeous xox

  5. Love the shadow. This is my fave style of eyeshadows the soft sexy smokey eye. Oh Aranza we have to meet up one day to play with makeup.

  6. You look good girl! You have great lashes.. =)

  7. I just found your blog.. You are so talented! Your make up looks hawt! lol.
    & I didn't notice the girdle either, no worries :)

  8. I love both your fotd and ootd!

    Please check out my blog and if you like it, follow me! Thanks! =)

  9. you look amazing great picture I hope you post more outfit picture love it !!!

    I tagged on a sunshine award on my page !!!

  10. lovely! great makeup. Come Follow me & vote XOXO

  11. Your eyelashes look so pretty here! :)