Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quick Question!


I feel much better than last time, although bummed out, but way better! I finished one of my classes, so yay me, i can now catch up with the readings i have neglected 0_O

One quick question: I know you all gorgeous ladies are sooooo fashion forward, unlike me, and since i have not had time to even thumb through Cosmo, Glamour, Style (all sitting here by me, all new, seriously!) I have no idea what are the color trends for this fall/winter.

Any suggestions would be soooooooooooooo appreciated! I'm going to start some new bracelets but I have a massive "creativity" block lol, and I really need to gets started on them....lots of family birthdays and the holidays are tooo close!

Thanks in advance.....

Luv ya


  1. Hi Aranza!! In my opinion the color trend for this fall would be purple as the best...Light and dark all would do...Guess you can add brownish orange also.

  2. love this well what I've seen is dark blue , purple, orange and gray and red hope this helps doll

  3. I've also read that purple and red are "in"
    Hope you're feeling better girl! :D

  4. Purple and Jewel tones are very in for the fall. Ive been seeing alot of that lately.

  5. to me i think the best colors for this fall is all neutrals (beige, greys) and if you do want colors pick cooler tones like navys, dark purples and safari greens