Friday, September 3, 2010

August Faves: Eye Products- Last one, I promise!

Hello!!! =D

Here is the final product list of my August favories!

1) ELF Under Eye Corrector and Brightener

2) ELF Eyebrow kit

3) ELF Eyeshadow Primer

4)Amazing Cosmetics Concealer

5) Maybelline Super Stay Concealer

6) L'Oreal Lineur Intense Felt tip Eyeliner

7) Essence Eyeshadow duo

I sometimes use wayyy too many products when I'm getting ready to go to school or out. But lately, due to my lovely overpacked schedule, I have not had time to do my strenuous makeupritual, so i stick to whatever is easiest!

1) ELF Corrector...This one is awesome! I do not have extreme dark circles, but I do consider what I get dark...looks racoon eye-ish lol! This one is not really a concealer. It is very light in texture and a little watery. It is orangey color and when you use it under the eye, it erases light dark circles!!!! Or for those uglier ones, I use this, then concealer and i am set. The reason this one is the best is bedause is non greasy and very light texture. It does not crease on me, but i do set it with powder! I dont really use the highlighter side, it is too subltle for me, i like me some glow =D So i go for Benefit High Beam if i want to glow.

2) ELF Eyeborw powder duo...This one is awesome. IT comes with 2 shades, the darker one is creamy/waxy and the lighter is powder. It laso has a small duo ended brush, but its too small. I just use the powder, then go over it with clear mascara gel and i am set!

3) ELF Eyeshadow Primer...ok ,this one is a love or hate. I actually like it.

PROS: Cheap, $1!!!!!!! Does have staying power, I have tested it (let me remind you i live in the frikin AZ desert!!!) and my shadows stay put all day! Yayuh (like my mekeuo lover daughter would say lol)

CONS: Well not many, but what i would consider a con is the fact that it doesnt really make your eyeshadows "Pop" as in do no expect them to become brighter and louder, like with the HG UDPP. I am a lover of bright, loud, in-your-face eye look, so when i go for drama, i use UDPP, but for everyday whatevers, this one is ok. Just that, if it would even be a con. UDDPP seriously lasts me a year, and i abuse that baby, seriously, fo for me $20 for UDPP is not a huge deal, but if i can abuse ELFs better, i will!

4) Amazing Cosmetics COncealer....This is an iffy one for me, but i do like it. It took me sometime to like it. IT Is so concentrated, that tiny amounts will do, and if needed more, gradually build up. I learned the hard way! Now that i actually use it correctly, i like it, but only to cover an ugly pimple, or if i have massive dark circles.

5) Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Concealer...I use this one under my eyes because it is water proof and will not budge! I have not tried it to conceal other things, so this one id for the eyes.

6) L'Oreal Lineur Intense (i think lol)...This one is super dark dark dark! which I love love love!!! Easy to apply, and it will not move! I do have sensitive, watery, burny eyes, and it stil lstays put. this one is for my lazy days where i do not have the patience to mess with gel liner.

7) Esssence eye shadow duo...for $1.99, iti is very pretty. this one is very light and satiny. The light color is a vanilla tone, and the brown is a neutralish medium brown. These are very soft but well pigmented. Love them!

Ok that is it. I am so positive i have a lot more favorite items, but this time, i really paid attention to what i was grabbing this month, and these are the ones i probably used 5 out of 7 days. Notice I do not have a mascara here...i forgot to picture my cheap ghetto tube! I will take pix of all the "versions" i have of the same brand and tell you about it. For those that have seen it before, it is a shock, since this would be the item you most likely ignore as you walk by it....beware though, these are sold in mexican stores, some chinese .99 stores, mexican supermarkets, shopping centers etc....i know, i know, too mexican but hey, I was the one to ignore it, and it was once upon a time given to me by one of my bffs, and i never used it. I kept it for years but never even opened it, untill my hair stylist gave me a tube after my LASIK surgery.....have been an addict ever since o_O

So what are your favorite items?


  1. I need a new primer my Too Faced shadow insurance is coming to a dead end :( ahah. I hear the ELF mineral primer is better but I will prob try their dollar primer..maybe ill like it! I been using Loreal's lineur intense a lot lately but I do miss my KVD tattoo liner!

    My favorites this month are Melon pigment, I used it as a highlighter and on the eyes a lot. Also, the loreal intense liquid liner and breezy blush by mac.

  2. I haven't tried any of that products...(Bad thing...) I'll have to try at least one! I've never tried ELF products...

  3. I've been wanting to try the AMazing Cosmetics concealer. I have the Maybelline Super Stay and I like it. I also need to get my hands on that l'oreal liner!!!

  4. @ViOoOlicious: That KVD Tatoo liner is awesome, but mine just dried too fast! I have that MAC Mlon pigment and i wasted half of it pressing it lol! then i have never used it...i usually cannot wear MAC at all, except for the lip products :(

    @Becky: IT took me a while before i surrendered to ELF. They are an on cheap alternative, so far i have been liking it all!

    @spifftiff88: It is one of those love it or hate it. I bought that concealer when Ulta had it for buy one get one free, and i have not even used uo the first tube. I do like it now, but i think its over-hyped!

  5. It does dry out too fast :(. She needs to work on that!Awwww that sucks you cant use it but thats less money out of your pocket hehe.

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