Thursday, September 2, 2010

August Faves: Blushes

I am so obsessed with blushes, it is not even funny =D I have a lot, and annoyingly enough, I always, always, a;ways, use the same ones, and still buy new is exhausting!


Here are the Face producrs I have been using. From L to R: Hard Candy Baked Blush in Pin Up, HD Setting powder (I made it my self with silica, and other powders i got from CS), Palladio Rice Powder, ELF Studio Bronzer in Golden, and the 2 center tiny jars are EveryDayMinerals Matte blush in All Smiles, and their mineral Foundation.

The Hard Candy blush is the best ever! It is a peachy rosy color but it is very subltle. It DOES have shimmer, so I use it as blush all over the cheek and cheek bone. It is very sheer, so i say it is hard to over do it. Most of the time, I either add more color or bronzer.

The EDM Blush is very pigmented. I got these for free when i ordered a brush. It is a peach blush and it is just glowy but without the shimmer. that tiny jar has lasted me months! Their foundation is awesome and it comes in 3 different finishes. I have yet to find my perfect match, since i have slight cool undertones, and their cool shades are too pink, the olive to tan etc. I usually buy the $5 samples in 2 shades, for a total of like 8 or 10 5gram jars. then I mix them to match me and put them all into my lovely sifter jar...wich is mess-free thanks to a rotating lid thingie it has attached to the sifter ($.85 at CS)!

The ELF Bronzer does have shimmer, but I do not think it is a problem, as the bronzer it self is not too pigmented, so it looks sheer and gives you a nice glow. IT looks natural on me, no orangy or muddy color. I actually have been using this instead of my nicer stuff! One bad side (not for me though) is that is very powdery, by that i mean when you swirl your brush, there will be fallout, but just tap/blow the excess and for $3, just ignore that part lol

The Setting powders: I like the rice powder. Nothing special, I probably will not buy it again, but it is not bad, i just have way too many. The HD setting powder i really like. I used a mix of silica and other 2 powders (i dont know where the jars are, and i did not label mine) but if you are interested, i will take the estra effort to dig them out of my pile of "Raw" materials lol. I like this one because it is multi fuctional, It can be used as a primer...dust all over prior to mineral foundation, as a setting powder, HD powder and oil control. I do not own the MUFE HD version, since i was too cheap to pay $40 for silica spheres, that are worth a decent $5 for a HUGE tub.


  1. That Hard Candy blush looks so pretty! I don't have a peachy blush and I missed out on Mac ripe peach. I also want to try ELFs bronzer I don't want it too look to muddy on me but with your swatch it looks so pretty ahah I need to get it!